Monday, June 28, 2021

Global Mobile Industry Leaders Commit To Support 5G mmWave

* 5G mmWave Expands its Momentum Across Multiple Regions Including China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, North America and South East Asia —

* 5G mmWave Global Rollout Brings Extreme Performance and Capacity, Allowing Operators and OEMs to Meet Rising Demand for Data and Expand into New Service Opportunities Today, a contingent of mobile communications companies announced their collective support for 5G mmWave technology globally – including key players from a growing number of regions including China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, North America and South East Asia. The industry leaders aim to build on the existing momentum behind 5G mmWave, which allows them to address the significant increases in user data demand, and to expand the role of the mobile ecosystem in supporting economic development across many industries.

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Qualcomm Reveals 5G-Advanced Technologies and Experiences for Transforming Industries Worldwide

New 5G R&D Testbeds Illustrate Industry Breakthroughs in mmWave, Boundless XR, 5G Wide-Area Technology, and More  -

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. unveiled its latest research milestones and innovations for advancing the next chapter of 5G. The new and updated R&D over-the-air (OTA) testbeds and system simulations display Qualcomm Technologies’ continued leadership in enhancing the 5G system foundation to bring even more capacity, wider coverage, and lower latency to mobile operators and devices on a global scale. The testbeds and system simulations also highlight 5G’s horizontal capabilities to transform a wide range of industries from industrial IoT, automotive, enterprise, and more.

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Qualcomm Unveils Industry’s First Release 16 5G Open RAN Platform for Small Cells

Extending 5G Leadership with Second Generation Qualcomm® 5G RAN Platform for Small Cells (FSM200xx) with Global Spectrum Band Support Spanning mmWave and Sub-6 GHz for Enhanced Coverage —

Industry’s First 3GPP Release 16 5G Modem-RF System Designed to Support Industry 4.0 including the Factory of the Future and Other New Segments —

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today announced its second-generation Qualcomm 5G RAN Platform for Small Cells (FSM200xx), the industry’s first 3GPP Release 16 5G Open RAN platform. The new platform brings major enhancements to RF with its support for all commercial global mmWave and Sub-6 GHz bands, including the new n259 (41 GHz), n258(26 GHz) and FDD bands. Building on growing commercial momentum with FSM100xx, this next generation platform is primed to take powerful mmWave performance to more places, indoors and outdoors, and around the globe, while, in parallel, introducing new Sub-6 GHz opportunities with small cell densification in public and private networks. These feature advancements and new spectrum support aim to drive unprecedented mobile experiences, accelerate 5G performance and availability to users worldwide, and reshape opportunities for homes, airports, stadiums, hospitals, offices, and manufacturing facilities. Additionally, with its Release 16 support, the new platform is designed to power the transition to the factory of the future with its support for features including Enhanced Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (eURLLC) that are critical to controlling equipment and machines.

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Qualcomm Introduces New 5G Distributed Unit Accelerator Card to Drive Global 5G Virtualized RAN Growth

New Qualcomm 5G DU X100 Accelerator Card is Designed to Deliver High Performance, Low Latency, and Power Efficient Turnkey Solution for Ease of Deployment and to Accelerate Operator and Infrastructure Vendor Adoption of Virtualized RAN Platforms —

Designed to Enable Virtualized 5G Networks by Offloading Server CPUs from Compute-Intensive 5G Baseband Processing to Address the Rigorous Demands of 5G —

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today announced the expansion of its 5G RAN Platforms portfolio with the addition of the Qualcomm® 5G DU X100 Accelerator Card. The Qualcomm 5G DU X100 is designed to enable operators and infrastructure vendors the ability to readily reap the benefits of high performance, low latency, and power efficient 5G, while accelerating the cellular ecosystem’s transition towards virtualized radio access networks.

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Qualcomm Upgrades its Premium Tier with Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G Mobile Platform

* Upgraded Flagship Mobile Platform to Power Second Half 2021 Commercial Smartphones from ASUS, Honor, Motorola, vivo, and Xiaomi

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced the new Snapdragon® 888 Plus 5G Mobile Platform, a follow-on to the flagship Snapdragon 888. These two platforms power more than 130 designs announced or in development. Snapdragon 888 Plus fuels flagship experiences with intelligent entertainment, including AI-enhanced gameplay, streaming, photography, and more – backed by boosted performance, unrivaled speed, and premium connectivity. The platform is armed with the full arsenal of Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features to harness the power of ultra-smooth responsiveness, color-rich HDR graphics, and mobile-first desktop-level. Compared to its predecessor, Snapdragon 888 Plus offers an increased Qualcomm® Kryo™ 680 CPU Prime core clock speed at up to 3.0 GHz* and the 6th generation Qualcomm® AI Engine with up to 32 TOPS AI performance, which is more than 20% improvement. 

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