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Swanrose India, Subsidiary Of Swanrose Inc. Brings Disruptive Technology To India, USA In The Health And Safety Space

Swanrose started business in April 2020, with a vision to launch disruptive liberating products to help people “live a limitless life”. This week the first product launches in India and the USA simultaneously. Just Human is a revolutionary 24 hour hand sanitizer (use just once a day) a game changer in the hand sanitizer space and is the first hand sanitizer to provide extended protection. The 24 hour efficacy is backed by GLP Lab certification. Just Human 24 hourhand sanitizer is made with proprietary US technology. The product got USFDA registration and DCGI clearance in India in late Dec. Swanrose has an ethos of local production to support jobs and families in the countries it sells, so in the USA it is made in USA and in India it is made in India. Later this year, Swanrose has a slueth of other disruptive products slated for launch once again in both the US and Indian markets. It will also enter other territories like UAE and South America. All its products follow its vision of positively impacting humanity. 

The technology:

The proprietary key used in our hand sanitizer was derived from an original formulation developed over 30 years ago.Since that time, it has been used in a wide array of consumer products. It has an unparalleled safety record for nearly three decades, and its efficacy and capabilities have been vetted by leading scientific organizations worldwide. It’s won various technology awards and eventually was re-engineered into a proprietary formulated alcohol base to extend its uses in other applications, in this case,as a hand sanitizer. The molecules attach themselves to a surface and forms microscopic “spars”. These spars rupture the cell membranes of all microbes coming in contact with it, providing the mechanical kill, and negating the need for toxic chemicals. As a result, microbes are destroyed and prevented from contaminating the hand. The resulting compound is non-toxic.

How It works:

Just Human contains two specialized compounds. Both compounds work together at a nano level, to protect you. One compound 70% Ethanol as recommended by the CDC and WHO, kills germs and viruses instantly on your hands, whilst the other compound - an antimicrobial forms a bionic shield made of non-toxicmolecules which bind to your hand and providea protective coating. This molecule has been nano-engineered to bindand pierces the cell wall of any micro-organism, thereby instantly killing it.Once the sanitizer dries, the SPARS bind to the surface of the hand, providing a layer of active protection that lab testing shows lasts for 24 hours.

Target Consumer

Just Human’s target consumer is just about anyone but our focus is on the most vulnerable.People such as parents with kids under the age of 12, senior citizens and people with co-morbidities. Our second focus is on situations that expose you to be vulnerable like gyms, salons, movie halls, weddings and team sports like cricket, football, kabaddi etc.

Where is it manufactured:

Just Human is made in India with US proprietary technology.

Where is it available:

Just Human is currently available on our website: and on Amazon. We should be at your neighborhood store soon.

The Journey so far…

In April 2020, Swanrose started producing alcohol based hand sanitizers in order to help with the COVID crisis. The first product launch was Aristocrat and Humasteboth alcohol-based hand sanitizer in India and the USA. The revenues for the first 3 months were 2.2 million USD (80% US sales  and 20% India sales).

As Swanrose grew, we quickly realized conventional alcohol based sanitizers (what’s currently available in the market) were not really helping people as they evaporate within 30 seconds of use leaving you completely exposed. Hence you need to repeatedly use them sometimes as much as 10 to 15 times a day along with the fear that clouds you if you have touched a surface and forgotten to use it. This was not in line with our vision of helping people “Live a limitless life” so we started searching for technologies and smart science around the world and Just Human the 24 hour hand sanitizer was born. Months of lab testing to get USFDA registration and DCGI clearance we are finally ready to launch a product the allows you to experience a “limitless life with the power of once” as a once a day sanitizer.

In a few short months, we’ve established a new business line with production &distribution  agreements across India, United States and the UAE.

Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, CEO of Swanrose Inc said: “After many years - I have found my purpose with Swanrose – It combines my interests in science and technology with my desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Just Human 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer is precisely that -Smart Science designed beautifully”

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