Tuesday, June 29, 2021

InMobi Collaborates With The Trade Desk To Expand Access To Pulse Brand Lift Solution For Marketers

* The partnership helps marketers across India to accurately measure the incremental impact of their advertising and drive real-time optimizations on The Trade Desk platform

InMobi, the world’s leading marketing cloud, announced the availability of the services of its mobile-first consumer intelligence platform – InMobi Pulse, on The Trade Desk’s demand side platform (DSP). Through this first-of-its-kind partnership, InMobi and The Trade Desk will provide brands with the ability to deterministically measure the incremental brand impact of their campaigns across digital media – mobile web, desktop, and in-app.

Using brand lift surveys that are delivered programmatically, brands can measure metrics such as brand awareness, favorability, intent to purchase and other metrics that determine campaign effectiveness. “Marketers are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate the impact of their advertising dollars. The Trade Desk is committed to giving advertisers more options to measure the value of their ad spend and prove their marketing investments are driving business results,” commented Vivek Misra, Senior Director, Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “We’re thrilled to partner with InMobi to make it easy for marketers to access reliable and affordable brand lift studies from within our platform.”

“This proposition by InMobi Pulse gives digital marketers an efficient, accurate and unbiased means to establish the efficacy of their campaigns. Marketers can accurately deliver in-app surveys to an exposed group which has seen the ads and to a control group which has not seen the ad. Through the difference in brand metrics between the two groups, the true impact of a campaign can be measured.” shared Vasuta Agarwal, Managing Director, Asia Pacific.

Talking about the partnership, Tejinder Gill, General Manager, India for The Trade Desk shared, “This partnership is another step in our constant endeavor to help modern marketers become future-ready. Programmatic advertising is seeing strong growth in India and the Pulse platform’s ability to leverage the programmatic ecosystem’s core technology to reach users on their primary screen – mobile - and capture feedback adds immense value. We are looking forward to more and more advertisers adopt and benefit from this new-age media effectiveness solution.”

InMobi Pulse’s AI-powered platform delivers ready-to-use analytics for marketers to drive in-flight optimizations such as:

Creative optimization within and across ad formats such as video

Spend optimization across various media, platforms or audiences 

Building and (re)designing the brand messaging.

The brand lift study can be deployed for a single creative or the entire campaign, based on the metrics the brand intends to measure. Advertisers can measure ad recall, awareness, consideration, favorability and purchase intent using the InMobi Pulse BLS on The Trade Desk’s platform.

InMobi Pulse was recently listed by Forrester as an Early-stage New Tech platform in New Tech: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Solutions, Q2 2020 – its latest guide on consumer intelligence solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Getting actionable consumer insights at scale is one of the biggest challenges for marketers today and with access to 620 million unique users in Asia Pacific, InMobi Pulse empowers marketers to understand and identify their ideal customers. InMobi Pulse leverages over 50 mobile-first signals including location and demographics to help brands gather rich consumer intelligence in a privacy-compliant manner.

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