Thursday, June 10, 2021

UN Recognised ECOSTP Technologies To Showcase Its Patented Innovation At Museum Of Design Atlanta (MODA)

* ECOSTP will be the only startup from Asia to showcase their innovation at MODA’s annual exhibition

Bengaluru-based ECOSTP Technologies, have been chosen as the only startup from Asia by Museum of Design, Atlanta (MODA) to showcase their biomimicry STP solution at their annual exhibition ‘Full Circle: Design without End’ later this year. The exhibition will showcase the work of designers who are using and experimenting with regenerative approaches to realize works ranging from large-scale architectural projects to everyday products; and provide real-world actions that everyone can take to address the climate change challenge we are facing. ECOSTP Technologies, mentored by Brigade REAP, has been chosen for their innovation which treats sewage in a decentralised, self-sustainable way in underground chambers without power, chemicals, or human intervention. Using biomimicry, regenerative innovation inspired by nature, ECOSTP mimics the functional working of micro-organisms and ecosystems found in a cow’s stomach.

Commenting on the development, Tharun Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, ECOSTP Technologies Private Limited said, “We have been selected by MODA for our “Zero Power Zero Operator” Sewage Treatment Technology that has no moving parts when compared to conventional STPs which use energy hogging motors, exhaust fans, pumps, and blowers. Since inception, we have saved 196 million litres of water and have saved 208 MW of power which is equivalent to powering 31 villages for a year. We also implemented the 'Toilet to Tap' - Waste water to Drinking Quality for Coevolve Estates, Bengaluru, which was rated the greenest building in Asiapac by WGBC. Our association with Brigade REAP as mentors has taken us a long way in sourcing funds, fine tuning our business strategy and implementing our go to market strategy.”

ECOSTP addresses six UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has been earlier selected as a Best Practice case study for the United Nations ESCAP SDG Sustainability Asia Pac report. ECOSTP Technologies’ solutions are currently deployed across 15 states in India and the company plans to expand its footprint to Indonesia, Africa, and Bangladesh to begin with, in the near future. 

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