Monday, June 7, 2021

14-Year-Old Creates Engaging Web-Game ‘Go Corona Go’ To Highlight The Importance Of Wearing Masks And Getting Vaccinated

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. At a time when India is dealing with the second wave of Covid-19, a bright young 14-year-old WhiteHat Jr student from Bengaluru, Abhinav Ranjith Das, put on his thinking hat and created an engaging web based game titled ‘Go Corona Go’ to highlight the importance of protecting oneself from the virus by wearing masks and getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

The game, with its rich animation, lively music and interesting tasks, educates players about taking all precautions as they try to beat the virus.

The game has three levels in which the player has to jump over hurdles, including the virus itself, in order to get access to safety equipment such as masks and PPE kits to defeat the virus.  The objective of the game is to reach the end of the third and the final level where the player is rewarded with Covid-19 vaccine.

Speaking about his game, Abhinav said, “The present situation inspired me to develop the game. The game endeavours to educate people about how they can protect themselves from the virus but in a playful manner, as the player has to overcome obstacles to reach the final destination. It ends with a message about safety. I want everyone who plays this game to get inspired and take all the necessary precautions so that we can beat this virus!”

Abhinav has been studying with WhiteHat Jr for about 8 months now and has completed 84 coding classes. He is extremely fond of coding and finds it to be a fun activity.

Abhinav’s mother, Seema Ranjith said, “It is a very proud moment for us. The game is fun to play but at the same time, it also delivers an important message. We are excited about the way Abhinav is learning every day and is now planning to make more games.”

Going forward, Abhinav hopes to develop more games and is currently working on creating a car racing game and a Rubik’s cube game as well.

To play the game, click here:

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