Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Lotus Herbals Invites You To Wear The Color Of Your Spirit In Their Newest Campaign #WearYourColor

The prototype of beauty for women has become so gravely etched in the masses’ minds that it is pivotal to re-conceptualize what beauty truly means and how one should embrace it. In the wake of this insight, Lotus Herbals encourages women to reclaim the narrative by asking them to wear the colors that define them. 

The campaign, #WearYourColor, is a new manoeuvre for women to make their own rules of beauty. The campaign is designed by HerHQ Media in partnership with Stylecraze and Lotus Herbals, for women to make this viewpoint a part of their lives every time they reach out for lipstick from their shelf. Whether they choose to ramp it up with red lips, be bodacious with burgundy, or keep it nonchalant with nudes, the campaign emboldens women to express themselves through colors.

At the epicentre of the campaign lies the seed thought of deconstructing the beauty adage of women being in the shadows, inhibited or curtailed, incinerating their authentic and distinctive inclinations to doll up and express themselves. Lotus Herbals playfully dwells upon the premise that a woman can conquer the world with the right shade of lipstick. 

Talking about the campaign, Vishal Singh, Head of Digital, Lotus Herbals, says, "Women have always been the driving force behind change and revolution. Reclaiming Fashion as their own is one of them. For today’s woman, Fashion is the Freedom to wear what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants. Through #WearYourColor, we want to acknowledge all these women who are undeterred, confident, and do not fear the judgments that follow. Your unfettered freedom is an inspiration for many!"

Talking about the campaign, Natasha Garyali, VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnership, IncNut, says, "Lipstick has always been seen as a powerful statement in a patriarchal society that has constricted the choices a woman can make by forcing norms and regulating their freedom. Leveraging Stylecraze, India's largest community driven beauty platform, we power up the bold and powerful  #WearYourColor message by bringing the lipstick back to the forefront as a language of protest, rebellion, self-assertion, confidence, and liberation for women. Nothing can be more liberating than the power to choose what you want and the confidence to be you at all times."

“At HerHQ Media, our aim is to design communication for women, and not simply targeted at women. #WearYourColor campaign for Lotus Herbals was crafted keeping this in mind. We firmly believe women define their own freedom, life and ambitions. When it comes to beauty, every woman owns it, her way. With #WearYourColour campaign, women will express that definition of beauty. All we are doing is provide her with a palette and a canvas to share that, with a mission to reach over 4 million women through deep content integration and influencer amplification. This is her lipstick, her colour, her choice, her freedom. She can wear her confidence up her sleeve with this initiative.” concludes Meera Chopra, Founder, HerHQ Media.”

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