Monday, March 22, 2021

Quintype Launches Accesstype For Publishers On Wordpress And Drupal To Make Digital Subscription Management Easy

A new content monetization platform to help publishers move to datawalls and paywalls to increase audience loyalty and generate predictable reader revenue

Bangalore Quintype, a media technology company known for its publishing platform, today announced the availability of Accesstype for publishers on Wordpress and Drupal. Accesstype is a robust subscription management solution that enables publishers to monetize their content through various reader revenue models like metered paywalls, pay-per-article, coupons and group subscriptions. 

Publishers have long been chasing the pennies-per-click revenue models that put them at the mercy of ad networks with unpredictable revenues and chasing clickbait content. Quintype addresses these problems with Accesstype which allows publishers to collect payments from pay per article to recurring subscriptions.

We aim to integrate with other CMS platforms by the end of this year. Free trial available at

Advertising revenue was often the priority for publishers until recently. It brought them more revenue than newsstand sales, events, webinars and subscriptions. Over the last year, during the pandemic, the ad market took a big hit with fewer brands advertising. Publishers now needed a mix of revenue models to sustain and grow their business. Publishers are now finally tipping towards reader revenue models and they are finding that they can charge for quality digital content.   

With various reader revenue models like subscriptions, contributions, memberships, donations and micro-payments, it’s vital for publishers to optimize payflow in order to deliver a frictionless experience for their readers. From managing subscriptions to easy logins and payments to conversions reporting, Accesstype helps publishers to unlock new revenue streams in digital media.

“Digital publishers across the world are looking at reducing their dependence on advertisements and moving towards reader revenue. We are still in the initial stages of reader revenue and expect the market to mature in the coming years. A few publishers are trying out various paid models such as metered paywalls, micro payments, trial subscriptions and bundled subscriptions. Accesstype enables you to do all this and more without needing any changes to the code on your site,” Bharadwaj S, Senior Product Manager.

About Quintype

Quintype is one of the fastest growing SaaS based digital publishing platforms that solves technology challenges associated with companies running their businesses on fast moving content. Our products have expertise across three major verticals - content management, audience engagement and monetization. Our mission is to make technology a level playing field for all publishers (small to midsize and enterprise) allowing them to focus on their core business, creating content, while we take on their technology needs.

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