Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Globale Media Records 500 Percent Growth At The End Of FY 2020-21

Leading mobile advertising platform, Globale Media reported 5 times growth in the financial year 2020-21, resulting in a 500% increase in revenue since last financial year. With their operations starting in 2017 in Singapore and India, and subsequently in UAE in 2019, the zero-debt company has been consistently recording substantial YOY growth in revenues.

The ad-tech start-up has been changing the conventional means of advertising with its unique and innovative campaigns for advertisers in India and the APAC Region. Globale Media has been able to achieve such growth owing to two reasons. Firstly, digital advertising spend in India is growing at a CAGR of 28.6%. The latest e4m Mobile Marketing Report revealed that consumers now spend close to 3.5 to 4 hours a day on their smartphones, which has led to brands shifting their focus to this touchpoint. It is estimated that 45-55% of the digital advertising budget is now spent on mobile advertising. 

Secondly, the AI-driven start-up has been able to build trust among Indian advertisers. After receiving a positive response at the Ad-Tech 2019, Globale Media was recognized in the ‘Top 10 AdTech Start-ups of 2019’ that boosted Globale Media’s popularity amongst Indian advertisers, and owing to their relationships with OEM and SDK partners, they have been able to provide app marketers with tremendous results. 

COVID’19 pandemic brought drastic changes to the industry as digital marketers and advertisers were willing to spend more on digital advertising and mobile ads. Moreover, India’s internet user base expanded significantly from 445mn users in 2017 to 730mn users in 2020. 

Commenting on the growth, Mr. Bhavesh Talreja, Founder and CEO shared, “FY 2020-21 has been a year of tremendous growth for us at Globale Media. We were able to quintuple our revenues as the COVID’19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation and advertisers were willing to spend more bucks on digital advertising, including mobile ads; and looking ahead at 2021, I can only predict a bull run for the mobile advertising industry.”

Due to lockdown, Globale Media has witnessed remarkable growth in business bringing about crucial changes in many offline and online-based companies that switched over to the mobile model almost overnight. Recently, the company launched a new offering for app marketers, called Keyboard Search Ads, and received tremendous response from the industry. The product makes it easier for advertisers to connect with their users using intent-based targeting. With mobile advertising spends reaching an astounding $240 Billion worldwide, the future of mobile advertising and Globale Media looks bright and promising. 

About Globale Media:

Globale Media is one of the largest AI-driven mobile advertising platforms that support advertisers aiming to reach their brand awareness and user acquisition goals. Through their direct partnerships with top OEMs, publishers, and app developers, Globale Media creates unique experiences for app marketers. They do it by ensuring 100% direct app traffic over mobile and OEMs utilizing their white-label technology that predicts app users based on their profiles. Globale Media accelerates enterprise growth by driving high-quality traffic to all major app verticals including gaming, e-commerce, lifestyle, utilities, social, education, entertainment, and others.

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