Wednesday, March 4, 2020

1.1 Million Bangaloreans Play Games on Gamezop on Smartphones

Gamezop, India’s leading gaming platform, is witnessing rapid adoption in the Silicon Valley of India. The gaming platform has registered a whopping 375% growth YoY in Bengaluru, with 1.1 Mn users from the city in February 2020. Overall, Gamezop saw over 27 Mn users in February.

The company offers over 250 popular games to its users in two formats: casual gaming and real money gaming. In the second format, Gamezop allows users to win money for playing games. Users can visit and compete with other users to bag attractive cash prizes.

Gamezop’s remarkable traction comes from its unconventional distribution model: unlike other players in smartphone gaming, Gamezop doesn’t push installs of an app. Instead, Gamezop embeds games inside other apps where they can be played instantly; just like videos can be played on a social media page.

Each partner app that integrates Gamezop serves as an entry point, and with more than 1,000 partner apps, Gamezop has that many entry points. The approach has reaped rollicking results. Their network is so massive now that 97% of the smartphones in India have at least two such Gamezop entry points. And each month, 70-80 new apps integrate Gamezop, further adding to their penetration.

Closer inspection shows how the B2B2C model was made to scale: for partner apps, adding Gamezop takes 30 minutes and increases the time spend on them by up to 40%. Gamezop makes the deal more lucrative by paying a monthly fee to these partner apps. As a result, apps from across categories – social, travel, news, e-commerce, utility, and even astrology – have adopted Gamezop.

“Before YouTube was launched in 2005, each video was downloaded as a file and played on VLC or some other media player. That is exactly where smartphone gaming is today: each game needs to be installed as an app, which is extremely frictional and unwarranted. Gamezop makes games instant, like YouTube does with videos,” says Yashash Agarwal, Gamezop’s 24-year old CEO.

Gamezop is the brainchild of Yashash and Gaurav Agarwal, both of who were enlisted on the coveted Forbes ‘30 Under 30’. With their 35-member team, they have built a profitable business that closed the last financial year with 45% EBITDA. In spite of their success, Gamezop is currently present only on 1% of the apps published by Indian developers. Their userbase and profitability are expected to surge exponentially as more app developers continue to join their network, both from India and overseas.

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