Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Indian Textile Commissioner Acknowledged the Significance of Techtextil India 2019

An industry growing at a CAGR of 20 percent to reach USD 28.7billion, the technical textile industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in India. Techtextil India 2019, the leading platform to source products and solutions using technical textiles, reflects the progressive industry with the biggest opening received this year. India’s first Hackathon for the industry was concluded successfully. Technical textile has been a promising sector for the Indian industry which is set to play a crucial role in the creation of New India.  The exhibition is an important marketplace to develop new ideas, strengthen existing consumer relations, and build new business relationships.

“It is always good to know about the latest happening and how the industry will develop over the years. Visiting this show fulfilled that, which means great exposure. The show was a good take away for my senior officers too, as it will help us in our work related to the development of this industry. My personal opinion such exhibitions add your knowledge, which improves your functioning” says Shri Moloy Chakraborty

Mr. Vijay Patil, Deputy Collector & General Manager ( Mktg) - MIDC also joined the event as one of the eminent speakers at Techtextil India symposium. “Techtextil is a beneficial platform for organizations like us, who want to promote their investments. Techtextil India is a beneficial platform because you always get quality entrepreneurs who are interested and we also get to know the difficulties they are facing. It is not only about expansion or inviting new industries but understanding the already existing industries as well,” shared Mr. Vijay Patil, General Manager- MIDC.

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