Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Online Threats Multiply During the Festive Season. Here’s How to Stay Safe: Kaspersky

Globally, festivals tend to be notorious for a spike in nefarious online activities. Cyber criminals may take the opportunity to lure unsuspecting users through inviting offers and swipe them clean of their money. With Diwali approaching, every Internet user is a potential victim of cyberthreats like phishing scams which may also include financial phishing emails which are used by cybercriminals who are out looking for financial information and account details – and ultimately money – they are increasingly adept at hiding in the noise, targeting their attacks and exploiting human emotions, such as fear and desire. Other potential threats include password theft, bank credentials theft, spyware, etc.

Brands selling an array of products – from jewellery and clothing to electronics and even holiday packages – tend to register a significant percent of their annual sales during Diwali. Users are on a buying spree and in a mood to celebrate, making it way easier to lead them on. Hackers, phishers and malware spreaders thrive in this environment and use legitimate-looking messages to bait users.

Global cyber security provider Kaspersky makes it extremely simple for users to stay safe in this very hazardous digital eco-system by making its bestselling security products even more rewarding. From October 1 – November 15 2019.

Kaspersky offers giveaway schemes on its Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) for Mac & PC and Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) products. For each purchase of KIS, the buyer gets an assured movie voucher worth INR 250 and for KTS, the voucher value is INR 500.

Apart from this, there will be attractive weekly rewards, and 2 Mega Award winners will bag an astounding 3 Nights/4 Days trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, inclusive of roundtrip airfare and accommodation (T&C applied)

Said Mr. Purshottam Bhatia, Digital Sales Manager – Kaspersky, “Kaspersky always puts the customer at the heart of every decision. We realize that the need for digital vigilance is at its highest during Diwali, so we wanted to make it more attractive and fulfilling for the consumers to get our KIS and KTS packs. We hope that every user of the Internet makes the most of this offer. Each page you visit, including your email, is a potential threat. We wish all our consumers a very Happy and Safe Digital Diwali!”

Mr. Shivshankar Kharade, Tangible Sales Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia): “We would like to wish all our consumers Best Wishes for this Festive Season. We hope and pray that this festive season brings you great joy and safety just like Kaspersky ensures your cybersecurity with our product range and amazing offers for all our consumers.”

Being cyber-safe has never been simpler, or more rewarding. Make sure to get yourself Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac & PC (KIS) and Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) for your devices at work and home. Gift yourself and your loved ones a gift that keeps giving all year long. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed. You may just win attractive modern gadgets or even be on that plane to Dubai!

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