Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ulektz, An SaaS-Based Edtech Startup, Ties-Up with BPB Publications

uLektz, a SaaS based EdTech startup announced that it has partnered with BPB Publications, Asia’s largest publisher of computer books, to provide the best quality learning material to students in India and all over the globe.

“The aim of uLektz books is to enable students and professionals across India and the globe with an access to high-end resources and reference materials for higher education and advanced learning. We are delighted to partner with BPB Publications, one of the Asia’s largest computer books publisher. More than 6 lakh students who are on ulektz will access the books and directly get benefited.  The association with BPB publications will now enable access to the best quality technical learning material at affordable prices for our students” said Mr. Sadiq Sait Founder and CEO of uLektz Learning Solutions.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Nrip Jain, Head - Business Development Group, BPB Publications said “With this partnership, BPB will leverage the AI-based SaaS platform of uLektz to promote, sell and distribute its ebooks directly to students and educators. This platform will also help us complement our print books with the Coupon Codes for digital access of the respective ebooks and connect with our customers directly.”

Mr. Nrip Jain further added “The partnership will enable multilevel piracy protection for the eBooks through uLektz Data Resource Management (DRM)”.

There is need to provide quality educational resources for aspiring career professionals across all sectors. BPB publications, has made a significant contribution in spreading IT education in India. uLektz learning solutions’ in association with BPB Publications, will rightly deliver the best of learning materials and quality resource for the students across India and the globe.   

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