Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Manipal Health Partners with Nasscom to Enable Technology Enabled Newer Healthcare Delivery Models

Manipal Hospitals, one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, today announced its collaboration with NASSCOM Center of Excellence to capitalize on the multiple benefits of advanced technologies for improved healthcare delivery.

The partnership will leverage the benefits that IoT and AI can bring to the healthcare sector. They aim to deploy emerging technologies, to ensure better delivery of healthcare.
The two companies have identified the following major areas of collaboration:
1.       Manipal Health will closely with NASSCOM CoE in evangelizing the digital healthcare solutions adoption by the healthcare delivery organization, through NASSCOM CoEs, flagship initiative LHIF (Lifesciences & Healthcare Innovation Forum).  LHIF is a collaborative innovation platform consisting of Start-ups, Medical Device Companies, Pharma Companies, Insurance Companies, Academia and government representatives. This forum helps in peer group collaboration, deliberate on contemporary topics around technology adoption, policy level challenges, disruptive delivery models etc.
2.       Under the co-creation program, Manipal Health works closely with NASSCOM CoE in identifying latest health tech products and solutions available in the eco-system consisting of Startups and Technology companies, to meet their internal business needs and address their operational challenges. This co-creation program helps Manipal Health in sourcing innovative solutions at affordable cost and with quick implementation time frames.
3.       NASSCOM CoE, provides access to latest innovations emerging in the Indian eco-system that can be leveraged by Manipal Health for adoption. In turn Manipal Health provides mentorship to the healthcare startups in designing their solutions and scaling up their business, by providing access to their experts and giving them the opportunity to work with them through co-creation program.
4.       Work together on social impact projects that benefit the corporate social responsibility objectives of Manipal Health.

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO, NASSCOM Center of Excellence, said, “This partnership with Manipal Hospitals is reflective of the synergy between healthcare and technology today. The Center of Excellence is fostering innovation across leading industry verticals, and healthcare is one such industry at the forefront of digital transformation. Through this partnership, I am hopeful that we can accelerate Manipal Hospitals’ endeavour to be a leader in adopting digital technologies for enhanced patient care.”

As per Dr. Anoop Amarnath, Chief of Clinical Services, Manipal Hospitals, “Technology is the only means through which healthcare can be delivered to a wider audience. As India moves towards universal health coverage, this partnership between Manipal Health and NASSCOM CoE, will enable technology-enabled healthcare models to reach out to the truly deserving.”

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