Thursday, June 27, 2019

Top Four Business Intelligence Tools for Small and Big Businesses

Business intelligence tools are the need of the hour and are being adopted across the globe by companies for better insights, serving   from MSMEs to MNCs by keep their data in an organized manner. It allows easy access to data in the form of reports, dashboards and visuals for easy understanding and helps in making well informed decisions. From paper work used to maintain data, the process has shifted with changing trends towards digitalization. Here are top 5 business intelligence tool provider that every company must need to be aware to take you towards the digitalization of data. Let’s examine these tools that can help businesses better use their data and reap the rewards of smart analytics.

Qlik View

Qlik View is one of the fastest BI and Data visualization software, it started the era of analytics solution. Its key feature is powerful data recovery and interactive guide analysis. It is a must for the companies as it is a secured, flexible and consistent with global search as well as data integration along with advanced reporting. It is an easy to learn software, with associated engine, powerful augmented intelligence and governed multi cloud architecture it supports full range of analytics at all scales.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is one of the best yet simple interfaces. It serves multifarious purposes of analysts, IT as well as developers. It comes in two forms: Power BI Services, an SAAS deployment and Power BI Desktop, on the premise based version. This comes up with business analytics service that enable fast and well informed decisions. One of its key feature is it comes with Live 360-Degree view of data.

Tableau Server

Tableau server is the largest data community with remarkable visualization capabilities along with high performance and mobile friendly functionality. It has embedded analytics for individuals as well as organizations. The key feature is the approach of the company is the give their customers flexibility to have access over data where ever they want.


Domo is an SaaS business management suite. It performs at both micro as well as macro level analysis of data for better and in-depth insights. It provides rapid speed, unlimited scale of users and enterprise security and control with in- built collaboration tools that allows access of right data at right time on any device. 

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