Friday, May 10, 2019

Mindtree Awarded for Best Compliance Practices at Compliance Leadership Summit & Awards 2019

Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, has been recognized today with the ‘Best Compliance Framework of the Year’ award at the Compliance Leadership Summit & Awards 2019 by UBS Forums. The accolade recognizes Mindtree’s focus on transparency, accountability, integrity, and independence as the core elements of its Compliance Framework, and how it elevates the organization’s corporate responsibility index.

Commenting on the achievement, Erwan Carpentier, SVP and General Counsel, Mindtree said, “Mindtree has always approached compliance issues with zero tolerance and we always take pride in our strong compliance structure. It is not only helping us to be consistent with our high standards of integrity, transparency and ethos, but also inspiring us to evolve as a better and more responsible organization each day. The recognition only reiterates Mindtree’s high standards in corporate governance.”

Ajit Dive, Conference Producer, UBS Forums added, “Mindtree has time and again demonstrated that the supreme quality of leadership is its unquestionable integrity. Mindtree has set an industry benchmark with highest standards of integrity, honesty, and values. It has become a core feature of their organizational fabric. We commend their effort and our recognition is a small token of appreciation.”

Mindtree has established a unique systematic compliance framework that is fully prepared for any change that impacts the compliance structure. It is a highly preventive rather than curative system, which allows Mindtree to seamlessly engage in relevant markets without compromising on ethical standards, resulting in enhanced brand integrity and deeper connect with governments, investors, clients, partners and Mindtree Minds.

The award recognizes the work done by enterprises from all over India in developing a comprehensive compliance framework that enables the organization with strong compliance and regulatory policies. UBS Forums is India’s largest platform to conceptualize, organize, and execute business transformation events and sessions to unlock the latent potential of enterprises.

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