Thursday, May 9, 2019

CSS Corp Conducts Computer Literacy Training Program for Autistic Students in India

CSS Corp, a new-age IT services and technology support company, organized a ‘Computer Literacy Training program’ for students of Jayam Special School, Chennai from March 14th to April 26th, 2019. The program equipped autistic students with essential IT skills such as word processing and computer safety. To ensure students have ongoing access to IT equipment, CSS Corp also set up the school’s first computer lab.

The initiative is a part of CSS Corp’s ‘Digital Literacy’ CSR program, which aims to equip students with the computer skills necessary for modern life.

During the program, CSS Corp employees worked closely with school authorities to conduct engaging training sessions that equipped students with vital digital skills. Highlights included:

Introduction of a computer literacy program as part of the school curriculum
Students with speech impairments learned to communicate with teachers using technology
Students participated in fun activities such as envelope and cover making, and were invited to display their art skills at the CSS Corp facility in Chennai

CSS Corp has organized IT training programs for close to 2,200 students across a variety of Chennai schools, including a ‘Computer Literacy Program’ at a Government Girls Higher Secondary School during 2018. Students attending these programs are trained in word processing, spreadsheets, and Internet safety, and also receive career and development counseling.

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