Wednesday, May 15, 2024

AMA Herbal's 'Next Gen Indigo' Merges Technology And Sustainability For Textile Revolution

- Industry Game-Changer Unveiled at Bengaluru Denim & Jeans Expo, AMA Herbal Group Introduces Revolutionary Bio Indigo PReR™

- Bio Indigo PReR™ leads the industry with its pioneering liquid form, elevating indigo dyeing with enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

- Developed with energy-efficient processes and minimal waste generation, Bio Indigo PReR™ signifies a paradigm shift towards greener textile practices.

In a landmark event at the Bengaluru Denim & Jeans Expo held at Hotel Lalit, Bengaluru, AMA Herbal Group proudly unveiled its groundbreaking technique, on which Bio Indigo PReR™ has been developed, hailed as the 'Next Gen Indigo.' The world’s first biochemically modified pre-reduced natural indigo, available in liquid form, promises to revolutionize the textile industry."

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Yawar Ali Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of AMA Herbal Group, this innovative technique marks a significant leap towards sustainability and cost-effectiveness. With advantages surpassing traditional powder indigo dyes, Bio Indigo  PReR stands as a beacon of eco-consciousness and superior quality.

The introduction of Bio Indigo  PReR™ is poised to reshape the indigo dye landscape, offering not only environmental friendliness and cost efficiency but also unparalleled color brilliance. Developed with energy-efficient processes and minimal waste generation, this technology signifies a paradigm shift towards greener textile practices.

Accompanied by prestigious global certifications such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Version VII and ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Level 3, Bio Indigo  PReR™ underscores AMA Herbal Group’s commitment to sustainability and industry-leading standards.

After a successful presentation in Japan, Mr. Yawar Ali Shah expressed optimism about the global reception of Bio Indigo  PReR™. With a patent applied and secured, the technology’s recognition and acceptance on the world stage are imminent.

In his statement, Mr. Yawar Ali Shah emphasized, “Bio Indigo  PReR™ signifies a crucial step towards embracing environmentally responsible practices in the textile industry, ensuring a sustainable future while honoring the heritage of natural indigo.”

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