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JGRCHRI Plans To Set-Up 250-Bed Multi-Specialty Hospital In Belgaum

The Shri Jagadguru Gurusidda Rajayogindra Co-operative Hospital and Research Institute (SJGRCHRI) in Belgaum District, established in 1951 as India's first-ever cooperative hospital, is planning a significant expansion of its services with the construction of a new 250-bed multi-specialty hospital.

This ambitious project marks a major step forward for the institution, which currently operates a 10-bed facility specializing in Unani medicine, a traditional Indian system of medicine. 

Over the past 70 years, SJGRCHRI has grown from its humble beginnings to become a respected center for medical care, education, and research.  It has also played a pivotal role in establishing strong medical and nursing education programs.

The proposed multi-specialty hospital will allow SJGRCHRI to offer a wider range of medical services.  This will be a boon for the Ghataprabha and surrounding areas, who currently have limited access to specialized healthcare.

The continued success of SJGRCHRI is attributed in part to the unwavering support of His Holiness Jagadguru Shri Rajayogindra Mahaswamiji of Moorusaviramath, Hubli.  His spiritual guidance and dedication to serving the community have been instrumental in the hospital's growth and development.

The ambitious plans for SJGRCHRI extend beyond the multi-specialty hospital. The Society envisions a future with even more comprehensive services for the community.  This includes establishing a library facility for both patients and their attenders, creating a dedicated herbal garden, and launching a mobile hospital to reach those in remote areas. Additionally, plans are underway setting up a dialysis unit to provide critical care for kidney patients.

Looking towards the well-being of families and the broader community, SJGRCHRI aims to construct a dormitory to accommodate relatives of patients seeking long-term treatment.  Furthermore, the institute recognizes the need for care by planning an old age home for the elderly and physically challenged.

Further, demonstrating a commitment to youth development, SJGRCHRI plans to build a stadium to promote physical activity and well-being among students from nearby educational institutions.

Currently, SJGRCHRI boasts a well-established infrastructure to support its current healthcare and educational endeavors. Its three-storied "Sahakari Bhavan" building, houses various facilities.  Beyond this, SJGRCHRI has established a university dedicated to Naturopathy and Yoga Science, catering to a growing interest in holistic wellness.

Furthermore, the Society runs a working women's hostel. This vital service is complemented by an on-site daycare center, ensuring working mothers have access to quality childcare.  SJGRCHRI's educational offerings are impressive, with a College of Diploma in Pharmacy and a Nursing College providing B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs.  Uniquely, the institute offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare by integrating Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy treatments under one roof.

The society has won several awards and accolades. 

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