Friday, May 17, 2024

Experion Technologies & Twixor Forge Alliance To Revolutionize CX Automation Across Industries

Experion is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Twixor, the pioneering Actionable Intelligence Platform that empowers businesses to build hyper-personalized engagement platforms. These platforms enable customers to initiate end-to-end fulfillment processes for digital process automation, transcending industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and Transportation.

Twixor's award winning low-code/no-code Conversational AI platform seamlessly integrates messaging and automation, serving over 400 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies. The platform, recognized with 7 Global patents and numerous industry accolades, handles 4 billion+ interactions annually across diverse industries. On the other hand, Experion brings a singular focus on digital products, 100% engineering talent, end-to-end management of product IP, high-quality contracts, a learning culture, and a commitment to being a client partner rather than a staffing vendor.

This partnership aims to deliver unparalleled value through CX automation at scale, deep domain expertise, single-vendor engagement, predictable pricing, and a commitment to innovation and futureproofing.

Experion's approach to onboarding into the Twixor solution is centred around top talent, human-centred methodologies, and industry best practices. It provides an efficient and seamless transition for clients seeking the transformative benefits of Conversational AI and CX automation. This partnership is poised to be a game-changer, doubling Experion and Twixor's capabilities in the dynamic realms of AI and CX automation.

Binu Jacob, MD and CEO, Experion Technologies: "This partnership significantly enhances Experion's capabilities in providing impactful solutions in the dynamic realms of AI and CX automation. The synergy between our engineering talent and Twixor's cutting-edge platform will drive transformative outcomes for our clients." 

Today, customer engagements frequently take place via messaging across all industries, and hence, digital, and automation-enabled customer journeys are crucial. The Experion-Twixor partnership focuses on customer experience, ensuring customer satisfaction, and fostering loyalty in this modern era of chat economy. 

The collaboration between Experion and Twixor brings forth a suite of solutions catering to the B2C & B2B space. Twixor's main USPs, including CX Automation platform, Intelligent Process Automation, and Omnichannel Chat Solutions, will empower clients in BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and Transportation to streamline operations and elevate customer experiences. 

Ashok Anand, CEO, Twixor: “Partnering up with Experion unlocks a wealth of opportunities to broaden our presence worldwide. Our shared goal is to deliver a robust customer experience solution, harnessing the power of Twixor's Generative-AI Powered platform and ground-breaking innovations spanning the entire customer lifecycle. This strategic partnership is dedicated to delivering unparalleled value and innovation, tailored to address the distinctive needs of our clients.”

The alliance with Twixor is a strategic move that aligns with Experion's broader goals of sustainable growth, market leadership, and creating a workplace culture that fosters excellence. This collaboration is poised to elevate Experion's standing in the market, opening doors to new opportunities, and enhancing its competitive edge.

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