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SANY India Presents A Vision Into The Future Of Construction Technology At EXCON 2023

* Products are exclusively designed for Indian customers and applications 

* 15 new machines were launched at Excon 2023 

* SANY India has displayed 44 machines at the Excon 2023  

SANY India, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, unveiled an array of revolutionary construction equipment at EXCON, the largest construction equipment exhibition in South Asia. A total of 44 machines were showcased this year, including the debut of 15 new models, including cutting-edge electric machines designed for diverse applications such as earthwork, excavation, heavy lifting, deep foundation works, mining operations, road construction, and port equipment, signifies a significant leap forward in transforming the industry. These electric machines deliver superior operating economics without compromising on safety, productivity, or efficiency, paving the way for a more sustainable future in construction. 

SANY India remains steadfast in its pursuit of innovative solutions that redefine industry standards and contribute to environmental sustainability. Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability, operator comfort, high productivity, and cost-effectiveness, SANY India ensures that all their equipment incorporates advanced technologies such as GPS, biofuel-compliant engines, and alternative fuel options to exceed industry standards for efficiency and environmental performance. 

SANY India takes great pride in being recognized as "Naye Bharat ka Nirmata". Currently, over 30,000 Sany machines are actively contributing to major and minor infrastructure projects across the country, solidifying their position as a pivotal player shaping India's infrastructure development. 

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Deepak Garg, Managing Director of SANY and South Asia said, “We are thrilled to unveil our latest range of products at Excon 2023, a testament to SANY India's unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation in the construction industry. As we navigate towards a sustainable future, these cutting-edge products which also include electric machines represent a significant milestone in our journey. At SANY India, we believe in providing our customers with advanced, eco-friendly solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. The launch of 15 new machines across diverse sectors underscores our dedication to delivering excellence and driving positive change in the infrastructure landscape. We are confident that these innovations will redefine industry standards, offering not just machinery but a sustainable and efficient pathway towards the future of construction. Our commitment to progress, sustainability, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we are excited about the transformative impact these electric machines will have on the construction sector”. 

By integrating cutting-edge technology into every machine, SANY India is not merely showcasing innovation; they are presenting a compelling vision for the future of construction. This vision promises to reshape the landscape of Indian infrastructure development and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future. 

SANY India is committed to making sustainable construction equipment more accessible to its customers. Through local manufacturing, they aim to reduce associated costs and optimize the supply chain, ultimately leading to affordable prices. Currently, the company has achieved a 40% localization rate and is actively working to increase this to 75% in the next 3-5 years. This strategic approach allows SANY to address cost challenges while upholding its commitment to sustainability. 

SANY's products have redefined the construction equipment industry. They boast technologically advanced designs that prioritize fuel efficiency, superior performance, unwavering reliability, and cutting-edge ergonomic features. With an unparalleled equipment lineup, globally acclaimed quality standards, robust infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and an extensive dealership network, SANY has become a pivotal player in the sector. They are recognized as a leader across Earthmoving, Lifting, Foundation, Port, Concrete, and Mining Product Segments. Anticipating substantial investments in key sectors like infrastructure, railways, roads, irrigation, energy, and ports, SANY is committed to expanding its product range to cater to these evolving needs. 

The new array of technologically superior products showcased at the expo has already captured widespread attention. Here are a few highlighted product names and their key features:  

1. Electric Wheel Loader SW956E: Say goodbye to traditional fuel-powered Wheel Loader because we're diving into the future with the introduction of the all-new electric Loader SW956E. Sany SW956E Loader comes with standard 282 Kwh & 350 Kwh optional battery capacity ,2.7 to 5 Cum wide range of Buckets to meet the segment Customer demands. It gets fully charged in 1Hr and can work for 4-5hrs with a single charge.  

2. Electric Reach Stacker SRSC45E3: Enter a new era of material handling with the SRSC45E3 electric reach stacker, combining power and sustainability for seamless operations. Machine can work for 8Hrs with a full charge and charging time is just 1-2Hrs. 

3. Electric Large Excavator SY870E: Groundbreaking moment in the mining industry as we unveil the latest innovation that's set to redefine the game. Introducing the segments first cable actuated Electric excavator SY870E equipped with 5 cum Bucket 370kW Power with  6 kV AC asynchronous motor has zero emission, high torque, high durability, fast dynamic response, and its work efficiency is much higher than that of diesel engines. 

4. Hybrid Truck Crane STC600T 5-P: Redefining crane technology, the 1st Hybrid Truck Crane in India launched by SANY. It has diesel and electric mode for crane operation which is environmentally friendly, fuel saving and silent in operation. 

5. Small Excavator SY150C-9S PRO: Unleashing precision and power in a compact form, the new SY150C-9S PRO series 15Ton excavator that redefines Performance, Reliability, Operator comfort and precision in excavation. This comes with Isuzu & cummins engine options along with bigger & wider 0.76cum bucket. 

6. Medium Excavator SY210C-9 SPARC: SANY's SY210C-9 SPARC series excavator which contributes to accelerate your profitability by Improved fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.  Excellent operator comfort & advanced safety features makes this machine more productive & safe within 20Ton class excavator. 

7. Medium Excavator SY365C-9LA : 37Ton class customized excavator, SY365C-9LA  – a machine that combines power, precision, and versatility to redefine the way you approach challenging projects in special applications. With an impressive reach of 13.4m, SY365C-9LA excavator effortlessly extends its capabilities. 

8. Medium Excavator SY350C-9HD SPARC : Introducing all new 35Ton SPARC series excavator SY350C-9HD SPARC Crafted with precision and designed for maximum performance. This powerhouse equipped with 284Hp Isuzu fuel-efficient engine that not only delivers unparalleled power but also taking care of environmental impact through lowest fuel consumption. Advance Hydraulic system with excellent digging forces makes this machine more powerful within its segment. 

9. Large Excavator SY680C-10 HD: Introducing the Beast of mining segment the SANY SY680C-10HD ultra large excavator equipped with 463 Hp Powerful latest technology engine and 4.2 Cum large bucket. 

10. Large Excavator SY1350C-10 HD: SANY India makes a bold move into the mining sector, reaffirming our commitment to serving the mining industry in India with the introduction of our new Ultra-Large Excavator SY1350C-10HD. Its a 135T class excavator equipped with 7 to 8 Cum Bucket and 760hp high Power latest technology engine and fully electric controlled hydraulic system with four independent pump & hydraulic circuit system. 

11. Crawler Crane SCS1500A: 1st 150Ton crawler crane with luffing jib configuration in India introduced in the SANY SCS1500A. It provides excellent versatility in construction and material handling. 

12. Crawler Crane SCS600A: New generation 60T crawler crane introduced by SANY India specially designed for foundation support in metro rail and refinery construction. 

13. Crawler Crane SCS800A: Versatility meets power with the SCS800 crawler crane, new generation 80T crawler crane from SANY India with special winches for cyclical load handling. Introducing the latest C6 generation operator cab in our SCS series crawler cranes. 

15. Motor Grader SMG200 AWD: Navigate the road to perfection with the SMG200 AWD motor grader, combining precision and power for superior road construction. The all-new SANY SMG200 AWD Motor Grader, equipped with 253hp “Fuel Efficient, Powerful & Reliable Engine for higher Performance. 14ft Heavy duty Moldboard offers High productivity with enhanced performance.  


SANY India offers the widest range of Construction Machinery in India & South Asia. In 2012, SANY India invested more than INR 1000 crores to develop infrastructure for R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Inspection, Testing, and Service at their manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. Through this facility, the company operates in multiple Business verticals viz: Earth Moving, Lifting, Foundation, Mining, Ports, Concrete, Roads and Renewable Energy solutions. Presently, SANY India offers products like excavators, truck-mounted cranes, all-terrain and rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, transit mixers, batching plants, boom pumps, trailer pumps, piling rigs, motor graders, pavers, milling machine, compactors, reach stackers, rubber tyred gantry cranes, rail-mounted gantry cranes, mining equipment, wind turbine generators and many more. 

The company has already established a strong network of around 42 dealers and 260 touch points across India to cater to the growing demand and provide support to all its customers & associates. SANY has more than 30000 machines delivered on the ground, contributing to infrastructure development projects in India & other South Asian countries. Owing to its widest product range, superior build quality, service commitment, innovative solutions, and global expertise, SANY India has achieved market leadership in various construction equipment segments. With the Government of India’s focus on infrastructure development and modernization, the company is poised for tremendous growth. 

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