Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Embassy Group's Concrete Measures For Lasting Change In The Global Health Agenda

The pandemic underscored the utmost importance of universal access to health and well-being and the necessity of robust and adaptable healthcare systems, awakening a global realisation of their profound significance. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), half of the global population lacks the necessary healthcare access.

As we celebrate International Universal Health Coverage Day and this year’s theme, "Health for All: Time for Action," we need to put emphasis on the urgency for concrete and immediate measures in shaping the world we aspire to see. The commitment to health as a human right will significantly determine the resilience of the economies and societies we build and rebuild today and far into the future.

At Embassy, we practice a holistic approach that goes beyond the basics to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities, with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, empowerment, and stakeholder engagement. To date, we have worked with 41 corporates on 74 projects in the spaces of education, infrastructure, health, and COVID-19. Our holistic health and hygiene programme for government schools saw an enormous increase in the radius of impact under our Corporate Connect umbrella. Since 2016, we have been championing preventive health awareness in government schools with our corporate partners, laying the basis for a generation of students with improved lifelong resilience to disease. In the last year, we supported 42,000 students across India with our programme.

The need of the hour is to have a conscious commitment to make a real, long-term sustainable developmental change through a collaborative approach. With the vision to contribute to the socio-economic development of the world, collaborative CSR can create a bigger radius of societal impact through collective action.

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