Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Protean Launches Multisector Marketplace - RISEwithProtean

* Bundling the best of Regtech, Fintech & Open Network services all in one platform

* is unique, as it aims to be the 1st multisector marketplace of APIs, Micro-services and User Journeys offering 300+ ready offerings across sectors of BFSI, Commerce (ONDC), Mobility (ONDC), Education (ONEST), Agri-tech & Health-tech.

Protean eGov Technologies Limited (BSE: PROTEAN, formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited), a pioneer and technology leader in population scale Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) unveiled a new platform RISE with Protean (

As per a McKinsey Digital survey, when executing API programs, tech leaders cite collaboration as their top challenge, particularly in the alignment of business priorities. This challenge leads to longer lead times, security vulnerabilities, financial risks and erosion of trust for their businesses.

Rise with Protean aims to solve this by offering a one-stop trusted marketplace for businesses of any size, across  multiple sectors to discover digital building blocks in the form of APIs, Micro-Services and User Journeys all at one place, from the trusted brand of Protean. This platform acts as a showcase of Protean’s multi-sectoral approach to enable use cases leveraging the combinatorial  power of DPI’s ranging from Digital Commerce (ONDC), Mobility (ONDC), Education & Skilling (ONEST) to Agri & Health.

In the first phase of rollout, the RISE platform will operationalize over 300 ready offerings and will serve as a single window for businesses to select multiple product bundles. For businesses looking to build their own user journeys, this platform will enable them to get the raw APIs and Micro-Service outputs. For businesses seeking a quick go to market, this platform will provide an ability to select out-of-box plug & play journeys.

Some of the primary interventions empowering enterprises include – Digital Onboarding in BFSI sector, Regulatory Compliance modules in Fintech, Identity Verification Solutions in Regtech, ONDC Plug & Play user journeys, HealthCare ABDM APIs; all readily available to solve for tech leaders, developers and businesses alike. 

What sets Rise with Protean apart, is that it aims to be what possibly could be India’s 1st multi-sectoral marketplace, introducing a single window for procurement & support; coupled with a developer centric approach, transparent pricing &  high uptime with multiple fallbacks to secure business continuity. 

Speaking at the launch, Suresh Sethi, MD & CEO, Protean eGovTechnologies said, “Today's businesses and technology professionals are riddled with the daunting task of navigating multiple partners to build world-class products. ‘RISE with Protean’ is a step towards empowering enterprise digitisation, offering a frictionless & versatile multi-sectoral platform. It enables value-added digital experiences & lightining-fast launches for any & every business. It harnesses Protean’s experience of building & contributing towards DPIs across multiple sectors  through one easy to use platform. This is one giant leap in Protean’s mission towards building for billions, with the sole objective to further accelerate Digital India“

While RISE will host a myriad of Protean’s in-house APIs, MicroServices and User Journeys, the platform will also consolidate third-party data source inputs from across various sectors to further strengthen the offerings in the coming phases of its roll out.

About Protean eGov Technologies Ltd

Protean eGov Technologies Limited (formerly known as NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited) has been a pioneer and market leader in universal, citizen-centric, and population-scale e-governance solutions since its inception 28 years ago.

Digital Public Infrastructure: Protean has played a pivotal role in modernizing the direct tax infrastructure, introducing online tax payment and tax collection, and incubating and implementing the Tax Information Network (TIN), which brings together over 68,000 facilitation centers (PAN and TIN). Protean conceptualized, designed, and implemented the infrastructure for the Central Recordkeeping Agency and operates as the central recordkeeping agency for the National Pension System & Atal Pension Yojna.

Regulatory Tech: Protean's authentication services (eKYC, Aadhar Authentication, eSign) enable governments, businesses, startups, and developers to utilize a unique digital infrastructure for their digital customer journeys. Protean has also recently launched its Account Aggregator services through 'Protean SurakshAA,' an individual consent-led financial data sharing Account Aggregator platform that empowers users with credit services.

Open Networks / 'ODEs: Protean is actively contributing to and supporting open digital building blocks, including the Open Network For Digital Commerce ("ONDC"), which accelerates commerce for network participants and payment gateways through its products. The company is recognized for building a network for corporate scholarships, grants, and education loans through Protean Vidyasaarathi & Vidya Lakshmi.

Protean has also recently entered the Indian market with Protean Cloud Services, an AI-powered private cloud offering for business enterprises. Additionally, Protean InfoSec Services Limited provides cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and assessment services in IT security.

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