Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Over 200 Doctors From 33 Countries Attend Online Workshop On Laser Technology


Oreol Academy in association with Relife Hospital, Banneghatta, has organised an international workshop on Laser Proctology. More than 200 doctors from across 33 countries attended the online workshop led by Prof. Dr. Neeraj Goyal from Max Hospital Delhi. The one-day workshop focused on the utilization of laser technology in proctology, showcasing various advanced surgical procedures and techniques.

While Dr. Neeraj Goyal dealt with the surgical aspects of laser technology, Praveen Knight, CEO, Oreol Group of Companies, provided insights into the commercial aspects of laser-based procedures. The live demonstrations showcased the precision and benefits of minimally invasive laser surgeries, addressing various proctological conditions. From treating hemorrhoids and fissures to addressing more complex proctological issues, the workshop highlighted the remarkable outcomes achievable through laser-based interventions.

One of the remarkable aspects of workshop organised by Oreol Academy was its global reach, with doctors from diverse cultural backgrounds and geographical locations participating remotely. The interactive sessions facilitated live discussions, enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences among the international medical community. Dr. Divya Bhalodi from Gujrat praised the workshop's enlightening insights, expressing eagerness to implement laser techniques in practice.

The workshop's impact is already evident in improved patient care, promising quicker recoveries and enhanced treatment outcomes. According to Oreol Academy, success of the workshop underscores the commitment of medical professionals to advancing proctological care through innovative technologies, setting the stage for future collaborations and advancements in the field.

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