Tuesday, December 12, 2023

MNIT Jaipur Alumni Backed Startup Launches ‘MakerXpace’ To Ignite Creativity And Innovation

·         MNIT Jaipur students bootstraps the ‘MakerXpace’, the 3D prototype developing center at INR 50 lakh investment

·         Aims to launch 50 more centers by 2030 across India

·         Looks to explore collaborations with country’s the best engineering institutions

Left to Right: MNIT Jaipur Alumni, Akash Bansal and Pratyush Soni addressing to the media on the launch of MakerXpace, a state-of-the-art creative lab in the Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur

Fraxus 3D, a startup founded by MNIT Jaipur alumni Pratyush Soni and Akash Bansal, announces the launch of MakerXpace, a state-of-the-art creative lab in the Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur. The facility is designed to nurture and empower creators, artists, inventors, engineers, architects, enthusiasts, and geniuses, providing them with the tools and space to turn their imaginative ideas into reality.

Having invested INR 50 Lakh in the development of this groundbreaking facility, co-founders Pratyush Soni and Akash Bansal shared a common vision inspired by their own struggles as students. Recognizing the need for experiential learning, they aimed to create a space where students and professionals alike could seamlessly bring their creative concepts to life.

MakerXpace boasts an impressive array of resources, featuring over 35 3D printers, over 20 industry-grade machinery and equipment, CNC machines, and a 3D object scanner, as well as a tool room, Creative Tech lab, Computer simulation, CAD and paint lab. The facility provides a unique platform for individuals to prototype across various industries and develop miniature models for architectural and design purposes.

World-renowned architect Dr. Anoop Bartaria inaugurated the Jaipur center, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in fostering innovation and hands-on learning in the country.

Dr. Anoop Bartaria, said “MakerXpace is a commendable initiative that aligns perfectly with the evolving landscape of education and innovation. It provides a crucial bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering a dynamic space for creators to bring their visions to life. I am honored to be a part of this launch and support the founders in their mission to revolutionize experiential learning."

With the successful launch of the Jaipur center, co-founders Pratyush Soni and Akash Bansal are now setting ambitious goals for the future. Their vision is to establish nearly 50 MakerXpace centers across the country by 2030, making this innovative learning model accessible to aspiring creators nationwide.

Pratyush Soni, Co-founder of Fraxus 3D said, “MakerXpace is the culmination of our shared journey and experiences as students. We understand the challenges of turning ideas into tangible creations. This facility is not just a lab; it's a heaven for creativity and innovation. We believe that by expanding this initiative across India, we can empower countless individuals to unlock their creative potential and contribute meaningfully to various industries."

With the bootstrapped first MakerXpace center in Jaipur, the Fraxus 3D is aiming to create a chain of 50 more centers on franchise basis across India. These centers will further boast to collaborate with country’s best IITs-NITs and engineering institutions to connect the larger pool of student communities for providing a right platform to the right creative minds.

Fraxus 3D's MakerXpace is poised to become a catalyst for a new era of experiential learning and innovation, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. The founders, along with Dr. Anoop Bartaria, are optimistic about the transformative impact this initiative will have on the educational landscape in India.

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