Tuesday, April 4, 2023

TV9 Network Continues Its Powerplay In IPL. Money9 Becomes Arm Sponsor Of Kolkata Knight Riders

* The association with KKR is billed to showcase to millions of cricket fans, the Money9 vision of financial freedom for 1.4 billion citizens of this country. TV9 Network is dominating the IPL scene once again with its latest powerplay move. The country's most prominent news network has continued its long-standing association with the Indian Premier League and the Kolkata Knight Riders, and this time, it features the disruptive Money9 idea!

The biggest festival of cricket and entertainment has arrived. From March 31 to May 28, the excitement and buzz around IPL 2023 are palpable as cricket fans worldwide gear up for the biggest cricketing festival. The Indian Premier League, a colossal sporting extravaganza, commands the attention of millions both in India and around the world, spanning an impressive three-month duration. Its immense popularity and longevity present a remarkable opportunity to captivate the audience.

Amidst the unprecedented frenzy surrounding the IPL, Money9, India's only digital platform for personal finance, has astutely recognized the potential of this unparalleled platform to make an indelible impression. This is not merely a chance for the ardent followers of the sport to revel in its excitement, but also an opportunity to enrich their knowledge on how to better their personal finances.

TV9 Network's association with IPL teams is well established, and this marks the fourth consecutive season of their sponsorship with KKR. The country's largest Hindi channel, TV9 Bharatvarsh, was KKR's sponsor for the last three seasons, and this year, Money9 will proudly grace the KKR jersey.

Money9 is India's first multi-lingual OTT news and service platform with a focus on personal finance. We cater to a diverse audience and aim to strengthen the efforts of financial inclusion and wealth creation across India, with a comprehensive coverage, insightful analysis, and user-friendly tools, it is an endeavour to empower our users to make informed decisions about their money.

Speaking about the partnership, Raktim Das, the Chief Growth Officer, TV9 Network, said, “Cricket is like religion in India. The rise of IPL is another proof of the game’s popularity. TV9 network somewhat mirrors the IPL success in the news television genre given that it has disrupted the industry to emerge as the largest television news network in the country.”

“Bolstering further our relationship with KKR, we feature this IPL edition Money9, India’s first and only multimedia multilingual personal finance platform. This disruptive innovation needs a big platform to be seen by millions of Indians, and what could be bigger than a partnership with Kolkata Knight Riders, to educate all about Money9’s vision on financial freedom for 1.4 billion people of this country,” Das added.

Commenting on the association, Binda Dey, Chief Marketing Officer, KKR, said, “Our association with TV9 Network has grown from strength to strength over the last four years. This year, as we aim to look forward to a great season of cricket, we are delighted to have Money9 onboard as our leading arm sponsor. Money9 fulfils a very important gap as it serves to enable financial security of all Indians. We are glad to make our fans aware of the importance of financial planning and wellbeing through our relationship with Money9.”

TV9 Network's latest move is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the IPL and their continued association with KKR. With Money9 as the arm sponsor of KKR, the network has once again demonstrated its leadership in the industry, setting the standard for others to follow.

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