Thursday, April 6, 2023

Goldmedal Electricals Introduces Star-Rated Vector Fans Across India

·         These decorative fans are the ultimate solution for style and performance with innovative styling

·         It also comes with a motor that performs optimally while saving on energy consumption

Goldmedal Electricals, India’s leading electrical manufacturing company launches the Vector fan as part of its star-rated decorative fans segment for the summers. This innovative and stylish fan is designed to not only accentuate your homes or offices but also to perform efficiently.

Goldmedal’s Vector fan defines performance with a powerful motor and aerodynamic blades promoting a wider conical spread of breeze to ensure air distribution in each and every corner of the room. A highly durable fan, the Vector is available in attractive colours with an anti-dust coating to withstand daily use. Goldmedal’s Vector is a star-rated decorative fan that ensures much less power usage compared to traditional fans.

Vector fan also offers features such as:

·         Star-rated fan which adhere BEE norms

·         Excellent and long-lasting paint finish with attractive colour options 

·         50w @230v with 210 cmm air delivery

·         Incredibly quiet

·         Double ball bearing

·         High-grade copper motor

Commenting on the latest addition to the fans segment, Bishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals, said, “Today, the world faces a critical challenge in the form of climate change and environmental sustainability. It is now more important than ever that we consciously choose energy-efficient technologies and solutions that not only consume less energy but also have less impact on the environment. At Goldmedal Electricals, we are committed to providing consumers with energy-efficient fans that not only offer superior performance and style but also come at affordable prices. Our star-rated fans have been designed to reduce power consumption, cut down electricity bills, and promote a greener planet. With the Vector fan and our range of energy-saving models, we guarantee that Goldmedal fans will provide high-speed cooling, whisper-quiet operation, and stunning aesthetics.”

The fan is available at INR 3900/- and can be purchased from leading retail stores. Goldmedal Electricals, one of India’s leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) companies is known for its wide range of star-rated decorative ceiling fans. The company also offers a variety of modular switches and accessories, home automation systems, luminaries and LED lights, wires and cables, doorbells, fans, PVC pipes, DBs, MCBs, and others.

About Goldmedal Electricals

Goldmedal Electricals is a homegrown electrical company which was established in the year 1979 with a vision to create electrical switches and accessories that make a positive difference to the lives of consumers. The company is known in the industry for manufacturing high-quality wiring devices and introducing a host of innovations in the industry. In 1981, Goldmedal entered the Wires and Cables business. In 1995, the company set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Goregaon, Mumbai for the manufacturing of wires & cables, and modular switches. Alongside Wires and Cables, the company today manufactures a vast range of electrical products including various types of switches, home automation systems, security systems, entertainment devices, fans, wires and cables, doorbells, electrical accessories, and more for residential buildings as well as commercial establishments.

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