Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Zuari FarmHub Launches “Poorna Advanced” With LCO Promoter Technology From Novozymes

Zuari FarmHub, one of the leading agri-tech players in India has partnered with Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd., a world leader in biological solution and announced the launch of its 100% Water soluble fertilizer ‘Poorna Advanced” with innovative LCO Promoter Technology. This technology acts as a signaling pathway between the plant and the beneficial microbes in the soil near the plant’s roots. Thus promoting a healthy root zone, enhancing nutrient uptake and improving crop resilience.

Poorna Advanced is a high quality product specially designed for foliar and fertigation. The 1:1:1 NPK ratio in this product makes it an ideal fertilizer for application across various crop segments like field crops, plantation crops, vegetables, commercial crops etc., which require equal amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium in the initial stages of plant growth. Being 100% water-soluble, ‘Poorna Advanced’ dissolves quickly and releases ions that are easily absorbed by the plants.

While announcing the launch, Mr. Madan Mohan Pandey, MD of Zuari FarmHub Ltd. said, “Zuari FarmHub is continuously working to bring unique and innovative products to Indian farmers. Towards this endeavour , the company has tied up with Novozymes , a global leader in bio-solutions head quartered in Denmark. Together we have introduced a technically superior product that promotes faster nutrient absorption by the roots and increases the crop resilience to abiotic and climatic stress. This will help improve fertiliser use efficiency and improve productivity. Zuari FarmHub is the first company to bring LCO promoter Technology to fertilisers.”

Shanmugam Sambanthan, Novozymes India Commercial Head of Agriculture commented, “We are excited to collaborate with Zuari FarmHub to introduce ‘Poorna Advanced’ a cutting-edge water soluble fertilizer which incorporates Novozymes LCO Promoter Technology. This revolutionary biological innovation promotes soil health, enhances nutrient uptake, and boosts crop resiliency. The collaboration harnesses the extensive agricultural market knowledge of Zuari FarmHub and Novozymes' biosolutions expertise to deliver a groundbreaking product that will significantly enhance farmers' productivity and promote sustainable farming practices.”. 

Over the years, agriculture productivity in India has been stagnating, primarily as a result of the imbalanced nutrient content of soil and fertilizer usage, declining fertilizer response ratio, soil contamination, and unpredictable weather patterns. With agricultural productivity, the fertilizer response ratio is gradually showing a considerable dip as well which means that crops are not responding to chemical fertilizers as they used to.  This is where the LCO technology used in ‘Poorna Advanced’ can vastly improve nutrient availability in the soil, enhance nutrient uptake and boost crop resiliency leading to higher yields in a sustainable way. Extensive researches have established and proven that LCO Promoter technology helps in building beneficial soil microbial communities, thereby, enriching soil fertility and improving crop productivity.

Photo Caption - From left Shanmugam Sambanthan, Novozymes India Commercial Head of Agriculture and Mr. Madan Mohan Pandey, MD of Zuari FarmHub Ltd..

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