Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Professional Upskilling Programmes Helped 82% Digital Marketers Thrive In Their Jobs: Emeritus India Impact Survey

-          The programmes on digital marketing also enabled professionals to rise through

the ranks in their current jobs, as well as, find new opportunities  -

Professional upskilling programmes in digital marketing have made it possible for 82% of the workforce to thrive in their jobs, according to findings from the recent Emeritus India Impact Survey 2022. The Survey was conducted by Emeritus, a global leader in world-class professional education, to understand how professionals stay job-ready and future-proof their careers with the help of professional programmes from Emeritus.

Among the surveyed respondents, 44% were able to rise through the ranks to progress in their current jobs, 56% said they were able to gain valuable tools and strategies that they could immediately apply to their work. Learners also cited gaining access to latest thinking from renowned industry experts and thought leaders (55%), and felt prepared to meet the current demands in the field (59%). About 57% of the professionals said they could not only grow on an individual level, but could also contribute to an organisational-level technical improvement from the upskilling programmes in digital marketing. The professionals surveyed majorly belonged to the job functions of marketing and communications, as well as, digital marketing, from industries such as media and communication, education, software and IT services, as well as, manufacturing.

With an increasing number of start-ups and corporates taking the digital route to market their products and services to the world at large, digital marketing as a profession is gaining high interest and demand. On the other hand, 4 in 5 employers globally are reporting difficulties in finding the skilled talent they need, as the ManpowerGroup’s findings from ‘Global Talent Shortage 2023’ identified. Data from the Emeritus India Impact Survey 2022 depicts that this huge unmet demand of skilled employees can be met through upskilling programmes, with 42% of the surveyed professionals admitting to the programmes helping them with the necessary skills and training to advance in their careers.

Commenting on these Emeritus India Impact Survey findings, Mr. Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Emeritus, said, “Digital marketing is such an integral part of the workings of almost every business today, and a skill gap in such a domain impacts how well these businesses will grow. At Emeritus, we are working to address these skill gaps globally with the help of our high-quality professional upskilling programmes, designed along with the best of the educational institutions in the world, allowing us to create a better skilled workforce for the country. We are delighted to see professionals being able to achieve a step up in their careers as a result of the programmes.”

This recently released India Impact Survey was conducted in September 2022, with learners who completed Emeritus professional education programmes through its partner schools before June 2022.

Emeritus connects learners through global virtual classrooms, partnering with over 60 top universities to offer online and app-based learning in formats including courses, certificates, online degrees, boot camps, etc. The company has a truly global reach – serving more than 250,000 learners across 160 countries, with programmes offered in a variety of languages.

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