Friday, March 17, 2023

TrafficGuard Takes Part In Ad:Tech 2023 At Gurgaon From March 15-16

Ad:tech New Delhi was all about what’s trending in the digital ecosystem. An unparalleled marketplace where marketing, technology, and media communities come together to share trends, insights, and disruptive technology that’s shaping the digital economy. The AdTech 2023 witnessed Industry Leaders discuss the evolving role of marketing and what markets must avoid in current times. Attendees at this year’s Ad:Tech 2023 were invited to an insightful conference. 

The theme of Ad:tech 2023 was Marketing in 2023 - Driving Business Growth, which emphasizes increasing efficiency in customer journeys while addressing economic challenges, and increasing costs of technology, CAC, and data privacy.

The two-day conference, which was held at The Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurgaon from 15-16th March, had 120+ speakers, 6000+ marketing professionals, 25+ sponsors and partners, and publishers waiting to greet them. The conference and exhibition brought together brands, agencies, publishers, and technology service providers to explore the future of marketing. 

Himanshu Nagrecha (Vice President of South Asia & India) appeared alongside other industry tech experts to discuss what’s trending in the digital ecosystem. 

“Across the globe, ad fraud poses a significant challenge, and India is no different. As the digital economy rises and brands increase their ad spend, ad fraud tactics will become more sophisticated, resulting in more ad spend being lost each year. Additionally, Google PPC, mobile user acquisition, and affiliate campaigns all generate between 5 - 25% invalid traffic on average. Apparently, for performance marketers who want growth and user acquisition, an independent ad fraud solution is necessary to prevent these bad actors from infiltrating the campaign and ensure high-quality traffic - a combination of real, genuine users that convert as well as clean data that can be optimized.” said, Himanshu Nagrecha, Vice President of South Asia & India, Traffic Guard.

“Meeting marketers at Ad tech this year helped us confirm our belief that ad fraud and wasted marketing dollars are a major concern for them. They are continuously evaluating solutions which are foolproof and work across the funnel i.e PPC, Mobile app UA, Web affiliate, and social.”

About the brand:-

TrafficGuard is a global advertising verification company that helps advertisers to avoid wasted spend and unlock the best outcomes. Powered by the immense scale of data and the expertise behind the universal advertising verification suite, TrafficGuard drives superior search advertising performance by verifying advertising engagement as they occur, proactively blocking invalid traffic from infiltrating search campaigns – helping ad spend to reach more real users and protecting the integrity of data that marketers, agencies, designers and developers rely on day in, day out to drive performance improvements.

TrafficGuard is based in Australia and headquartered in Perth. The company also has offices in Singapore, and has staff presence also across the UK, Brazil, India and the US, serving over 3000 customers globally.

TrafficGuard is part of Adveritas, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: AV1)

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