Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Dvara KGFS Wins Award For Risk & Analytics – Best Analytics-Driven Project

~ The Location Analytics system helps wealth managers to take the optimal route for collections ~ 

Dvara Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services Private Limited (Dvara KGFS), a leading NBFC operating in remote rural parts of India, has won the Risk & Analytics – Best Analytics-Driven project award under the subcategory of Micro Finance Company. The award was presented by Quantic India, an internationally recognised Business Media Company, at the 2nd Annual NBFC and FinTech Excellence Awards Mumbai – in the month of March 2023. 

Dvara KGFS was recognised for their Location Analytics system, which helps wealth managers take the optimal route for collections. The system uses advanced technologies like Python, Java, Angular JS, ML clustering (K means algorithm), customized Dijkstra Algorithm, and Geo Analytics to extract insights and make decisions based on geographical data. 

The Location Analytics system uses latitude and longitude to cluster data and provide optimised routes for each branch, while also ensuring appropriate dates and times for centre collections. The system improves efficiency, increases productivity, enhances customer experience, aids in real-time adjustments, saves cost and helps in hyper monitoring. 

Mr Bragadeesh, Chief Data Science Officer, Dvara KGFS, received the award on behalf of the company and expressed gratitude towards Quantic India for recognising their work. He also mentioned that this recognition will inspire Dvara KGFS to invest more time and effort in Data and Analytics in different areas of work for achieving better results and increased efficiencies. 

Quantic India is a prestigious group with over 10 years of experience managing BFSI, Supply chain, FMCG and B2B Summits. Dvara KGFS is privileged to have received the award from them and will continue to work towards providing a secure platform for customers in remote areas of India. 

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