Monday, September 26, 2022

Soroco And Whatfix Announce Strategic Digital Technology Partnership

Soroco, the world’s first work graph company, today announced a strategic partnership with Whatfix, a leading digital adoption platform technology. Through this partnership, Soroco and Whatfix will enable their joint global customer base to accelerate their digital adoption journey, user onboarding, and training to drive high process conformance.  

Samson David, CEO, Soroco, said, “We are delighted to partner with Whatfix and help customers advance their digital adoption journey. By leveraging Soroco ScoutTM, powered by the work graph, enterprises will be able to drive actionable and structured insights from massive, unstructured, and undocumented data emanating from interactions between people and software. With these granular insights, we will enable customers to execute change programs and power a continuous improvement cycle.”

Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder at Whatfix, said, “Partnering with Soroco is exciting for us as both our customers will benefit from this collaboration. Soroco’s capabilities of providing insights into the workflow by analyzing the widespread data, combined with Whatfix’s digital adoption offerings, will empower our joint customers to maximize on their tech stack investment.”

By joining forces, Soroco will help customers discover processes, process variations and capture granular insights and recommendations. With this data, Whatfix drives the adoption of SOPs by providing in-app guidance and end-user performance support, thus ensuring faster onboarding and processing. Soroco ScoutTM will also enable organizations to identify processes that can be automated with the Whatfix automation platform. Soroco and Whatfix are also integrating their capabilities to ensure seamless content creation to accelerate the digital adoption journey. 

The Whatfix and Soroco partnership will provide higher process coverage, faster time-to-value, and a significant increase in productivity, helping organizations execute change improvement programs at scale.

About Soroco  

Soroco is building the world's first work graph platform — a database of shared digital experiences emanating from our daily work. Today, teams spend over 60% of the workday on unstructured interactions across emails, documents, and custom applications – outside of ERP, CRM, and other systems of record. This massive enterprise data is untapped and undocumented. Our flagship product Scout, powered by the work graph, provides near real-time, structured insights into this last mile of work and helps enterprises accelerate their transformation journey. Unlike traditional solutions, the "work graph" provides a single source of truth. We have operations across the USA, Europe, UK, Singapore & India with a roster of Fortune 500 customers across 30 countries. Visit to learn how we help teams discover their work graph.

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