Thursday, September 29, 2022

FiveS Digital Partners With Roth Automation LLC, Heralding The Entry of AI In Business Processes

FiveS Digital and Roth Automation announced a strategic partnership last week to deliver highly advanced solutions to businesses to streamline and automate their processes and make them more efficient. The partnership strengthens FiveS Digital's presence in the North American market and allows both companies to maximize the potential of solving business process management, Manual F&A/HR processes, and Customer Experience problems through their combined capabilities.

Highly efficient business processes and amazing customer experiences are the key factors in the success and expansion of any business. With this strategic collaboration, FiveS aims to complement the technological solutions it provides to businesses with Artificial Intelligence and automation. As a result of this collaboration, FiveS Digital will also be able to present a sustainable onshore-offshore model for its North American clients to help them meet their sustainability goals.

During our conversation with Kapil Sharma, CEO at FiveS Digital, he commented, “Having known and worked with Jonathan for a couple of projects, I am confident FiveS Digital and Roth Automation have a lot of complementing synergies that will enable us to serve our combined clientele better.”

The CEO/President of Roth Automation, Jonathan Rothman, commented, "Partnerships are about stacking the deck. Having access to additional resources, a wide range of experience, and specific expertise is essential for growth. The addition of FiveS Digital will enable Roth Automation to expand its capabilities and serve a wider range of customers."

The ability to upgrade systems and upskill people determines how fast any business transforms in today's world. Digital transformation can be accomplished by integrating your people and systems frictionlessly through intelligent automation. Regardless of how the future looks, both automation and intelligence will play a big role. This partnership is the first big step we are taking in helping businesses to prepare for the future.

With digital transformation and Customer Experience solutions & Services, FiveS Digital enables businesses to scale and serve their customers better. With the right blend of Machine + Human Intelligence, they bring in operational efficiency and outstanding customer experience. They work with small, mid, large size businesses and start-ups, enabling them to build/scale/improve/optimize their business processes and serve the customers better.

With a vintage of building DOCi Group for 14 years, Roth Automation quickly established itself as a renowned name in the digital transformation space serving Fortune 500 businesses. This is attributed to its Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and Conversational AI expertise, which takes repetitive business-critical tasks and activities, and automates them. Thereby minimizing human errors while enhancing efficiency.

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