Friday, November 26, 2021

NUON Exclusive To Westside Explores Bengaluru Through The Eyes Of City’s Most Exciting Multi-Disciplinary Artists

NUON exclusive to Westside, one of the leading fashion brands in the country today collaborated with Bengaluru based artists, whose work and performances are a rage in the city and online. The NUON x BLR collaboration is a conversation with amazing young artists who resonate with the brand and are known for creating love with art. As part of the collaboration, NUON by Westside has also produced a video that captures Bengaluru’s 5 most popular spaces, seen through the eyes of these artists, and the relationship they have with these spaces.

Digital illustrator Nori (@noriiart) loves Bengaluru’s favourite Cubbon Park and is constantly finding inspiration from the lush greenery and tranquil surroundings when she spends time there. For interior designer Chirag (@chizzy_96) Bengaluru’s popular indigenous fashion store and café, Go Native, is where he finds his chi, escaping the concrete jungle, and enjoying inner peace. The Holy Stoked Skatepark, by India’s premiere skateboarding company, is where model and actress, Ria Nalavade (@riaoninsta), loves to unwind. It’s a different experience skateboarding there, and we agree. For dancer Divya Easwaran (@divya_easwaran), the spirit of Bengaluru is captured by the vibrancy of Church Street, and everybody who’s been there, knows what she means.

Musician Abheet Anand (@abheetanand) believes that Bengaluru’s identity is in delivering great filter kaapi and every place that serves it, becomes a celebration of the city.


NUON has always supported individuality and the freedom to express one’s true self through fashion, which is why it has been a favourite with young adults since its inception. The brand’s zero-judgment approach to fashion, along with keeping up with global casual and streetwear trends, makes it the go-to cool brand for today’s generation. This collaboration with Digital illustrator Nori (@noriiart), interior designer Chirag (@chizzy_96), model and actress Ria Nalavade (@riaoninsta), dancer Divya Easwaran (@divya_easwaran), and Musicians Abheet Anand (@abheetanand) is another way for the brand to be relevant to its young consumers, building a relationship with a city, its identity, with people who identify with it, and to understand what makes Bengaluru truly bombat!

bheet and Dhanush (@dhanush_hp), and Nori, creating original music and art, exclusively for NUON x BLR & Divya choregraphed a dance.

Abheet & Dhanush:



Speaking about the collaboration Umashan Naidoo, Head – Customer at Westside said, “Fashion is a reflection of the times. We’ve been through waves of uncertainty. We celebrate and encourage what we call warriors of passion and are so excited to share their joy.”

With the city’s multi-cultural identity, and its ability to strike a fine balance between its rich history, nature, heritage, and tech-forward modernization, Bengaluru presents a fantastic ethos for individuals who are excited by the road less taken. These artists exemplify new Bengaluru, and how the city’s culture and dynamism resonates with the city’s new generation. NUON celebrates this new Bengaluru, and the freedom to authentically live out our true selves.

About Trent:

Established in 1998 and part of the Tata group, Trent is headquartered in Mumbai but has pan-India operations. Trent operates Westside, one of India’s largest and fastest growing retail chains.

The company has already established 186 Westside stores measuring 8,000-34,000 sq. ft. The Westside format offers an exclusive range of its own branded fashion apparel and continues to be the mainstay of the retailing business of the company. Some of the departments include women’s wear, menswear, kids’ wear, footwear, cosmetics, perfumes and handbags, household furniture, accessories, lingerie, and gifts.

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