Tuesday, November 23, 2021

10 Best ColorOS 12 Things You Should Know About The Security And Privacy Features

 1.       100% integrated with Android 12

On ColorOS 12, OPPO has achieved 100% integration with stock Android 12 to enhance security and privacy features. With the Privacy dashboard, permissions for apps to use the camera, microphone, and location data, along with the actual data used, are displayed clearly for users to review and manage. Permissions and limits can be decided for each application to ensure the prevention of data misuse, allowing the users to use apps with better peace of mind.

2.       Privacy Features

The permission usage (camera, microphone, and location) of apps is recorded and will be displayed clearly on the dashboard for users to check and manage easily. Even when apps use camera or microphone permissions, the corresponding icon will be displayed on the right of the status bar via indicators. When an app requests location permission, users will have two options—approximate location and precise location—to choose from. Furthermore, the anti-peeping feature has been further enhanced. The operating system automatically recognizes when only the owner is viewing the screen, if so, notification content is displayed, otherwise the content is collapsed.

3.       Improved Performance and Battery Life

With ColorOS 12, OPPO has optimized a lot of things under the hood to improve performance. The company claims to have reduced background power consumption and memory usage by 20% and 30% respectively, leading to a 12% increase in battery life. OPPO has also improved the one-tap Power Saving mode by adding more customization options to it. You can now turn off the mobile hotspot, reduce the screen refresh rate, turn on Night mode, and more to further extend the battery life of your OPPO device.

4.       Inclusive Design

An all-new framework to present information in a way that takes internationalization into consideration and offers a seamless experience on devices of different shapes and sizes. The UI layout is simplified to reduce redundancy and give more prominence to key information. ColorOS 12 supports 67 languages (including 13 Indian languages), covering 430 million users in more than 140 countries worldwide; its UI copy was improved in 22 languages.

5.       3D Rendering

The new 3D icons are as clean and clear as those on previous ColorOS versions, with the same geometrical patterns and modern design. This time, OPPO went a little further. We added light and shadow to the icons to make them look more three-dimensional, like physical objects in the real world.

6.       Wallpaper-Based Theming Engine

Now, you can express your personality by making the colors of all settings on your phone remain consistent. The theme color of the wallpaper can be detected by the algorithm automatically. A corresponding color theme will be generated and applied. 

7.       Google Lens Integration

This is an existing feature, which leverages on Google Lens, to let you make one-click full-screen translation when calling out the sidebar to display the translation result in the form of a pop-up window; both plain text and text in pictures—between 105 languages—can be translated. Effectively, when viewing foreign language websites, you can translate with one click, thus breaking the language barrier. ColorOS integrates with Google Lens to allow you to translate text found in apps, webpages, and images into your preferred language. You can easily activate Google Translate when using 3-finger screenshot to take a partial screenshot, or from the Smart Sidebar.

8.       Stream Video in the Background

Background stream is one of the features in Smart Sidebar that shows up automatically after the user opens a supported video app. It allows the video app to run in the background and when the screen is locked, letting you listen to the audio without staying in the app all the time.

9.       Better Nearby Share Integration

An entry for Nearby Share is added on the QR code sharing page of Wi-Fi passwords so that you can share the password of the Wi-Fi that you have connected to with your friends around quickly, while avoiding the risk of password leakage.

10.   Quick Return Bubble

The new bubble animations allow you to quickly reply to messages and switch conversations without opening the app on full screen. So, when you receive a message, you can directly open the bubble animations to reply and switch between different conversations.

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