Monday, August 16, 2021

Biryani By Kilo - Opens Royal Dine-in & Delivery Outlets In Bengaluru

* India Biggest & most loved biryani chain – BBK gears up to deliver the royal feast at its newly launched Dine-in & Delivery Outlets in Bengaluru

Biryani by Kilo, India’s most premium Biryani and kebab chain has launched its outlets – Koramangala, Sarjapura & Akshay Nagar in Bengalaru, Karnataka. BBK Koramangala and Akshay Nagar latest dine-in launch marks their 52nd outlet in India and the first one in Indian silicon valley.  Bengalaru is known for their inevitable love for Biryani, and both newly launched outlets are set to wow the locals with authentic & delicious Dum cooked handi biryani & Kebabs.

Biryani by Kilo's newest Akshay Nagar outlet exudes an inviting, comforting and royal environment. The restaurant offers a wonderful vibe, outstanding service and lip-smacking Nizami dishes from Biryanis, Kebabs, Kormas & Phirni along with safety measures. With all this and more, BBK is all set to captivate and charm the Bengalaru gourmands & connoisseurs. Apart from Akshay Nagar, Biryani By Kilo has 2 more outlets in Koramangala and Sarjapura.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kaushik Roy, co-founder Biryani By Kilo said, "We are thrilled to launch BBK 1st dine-in outlet & many delivery outlets in India silicon valley. BBK is the most authentic, biggest & most loved Biryani & Kebab chain in India with presence in around 25 cities. Bengalaru deserve to devour the best, and Biryani By Kilo is ready to serve the best to them.”

Biryani by Kilo has distinctly served Hyderabadi, Kolkata and Lucknowi dum-cooked biryanis in the traditional way to more than 2 Million satisfied customers so far. The menu is not just limited to Biryani but other Nizami dishes like Kebabs, kormas & coveted Phirni. BBK has also added local delicacies to satiate Bangaloreans taste buds like Chicken Pepper Fry, Chettinad Chicken Roast , Guntur Chicken , Nilgiri Mutton Roast ,BBK USP is to make fresh Handi Biryani for every individual order and deliver the same Handi to the customer in which Biryani is Dum cooked. As most Biryanis companies were reheating & sending bulk produced Biryanis to customers, this BBK USP not only ensures safety & hygiene but also freshness & great flavors besides being eco-friendly.

Biryani by Kilo is also taking extra safety and precautionary measures, and ensuring safe dining & delivery experience. Like sanitizing their kitchen every hour, contactless ordering & digital payment. All the meals are cooked at more than 25o degree Celsius that ensures the food is absolutely safe to have. The well-being and health of the patrons is the prime priority of Biryani by Kilo.

The premium food chain has 50+ outlets in 25+ Indian cities, having major footprints in Delhi NCR as well as Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Punjab, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Kolkata making it pan India most loved & premium Biryani & Kebab Delivery Chain.

Dine in & Delivery Available at:-

Ward No, Site No. 9/10,Akshay Nagar, 192, Yelenahalli, Bengaluru

Number 504, 1st Floor, 6th Cross, Koramangala Club Rd, 6th Block, Bengaluru

Delivery available from Koramangala, Sarjaura and Akshay Nagar outlet.

Many more BBK Outlets in Bangalore coming..

For orders ,Check out their official website:

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