Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Hygiene Brand Nyrrvana Joins Hands With COVID Venture BissiBiss Oota To Provide Food And Sanitisers To The Underprivileged

Nyrrvana, a personal care brand providing sustainable and skin-friendly sanitisers, has joined hands with Bangalore-based not-for-profit venture BissiBissi Oota, to feed meals and provide free sanitisers to COVID patients and the underprivileged. The programme #giftameal for Banglorians, run by PraveshPandey along with AmitNaik (GM of BygBrewski), is currently feeding over 1,700 people at Rs.30 per hot meal for those who can afford and free to underprivileged and covid patients. In a time when many people are facing a lack of access to basic amenities, the venture reached out to Nyrrvana to supply sanitisers along with the hot meals being provided. The personal care brand has distributed 100s of 300ml sanitisers to their 4 outlets- 2 from restaurant and 2 from a cart in a span of 15-20 days.

The programme has also tied up with Swiggy to provide delivery to COVID patients in only Re 1 to ensure more strata of people can freely order in these tough times of need.

Sushi Thanneru, Founder of Nyrrvana, says, “All are affected in some way or other in this pandemic and we should contribute as per our capacity to help others. However, while practicing any social programs, one should take utmost care of hygiene. In the end, we are dealing with a deadly disease and our aim is to stop spreading it, this is only possible when we are incorporating sanitation.”

Nyrrvana sanitizers are well researched, made with plant-based extracts, and formulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended 75% IPA alcohol in their products. This helps to eliminate any kind of side effects such as cuticle burns, dryness, and itchiness after using sanitizers.

About Nyrrvana

Nyrrvana, a Hyderabad based wellness startup offering a range of sustainable and hygienic products is approved by AYUSH (Board of Ayurveda). Sushi, co-founder of the company during her trip from Singapore to India post her three-month maternity break, realized the huge difference in maintaining hygiene at an individual level. From the country imposing a fine for breaking Covid-19 measures to the country where basic hygiene was not taken seriously. She thought of bringing awareness on sanitization to Indian citizens to hit back this deadly disease with products that can minimize the spread of this dangerous disease to a 99% success rate and that’s when Nyrrvana was planned and formed.

The brand believes that not only incorporating sanitizers in our daily life but what kind of sanitizers we are using is equally important. In the wake of Covid-19, people are sanitizing their hands atleast 10-15 times, alcohol-based sanitizers lead to cuticle burns, dryness and itchiness. Nyrrvana is addressing this issue by ensuring people are using the right products and use World Health Organisation-recommended 75% IPA alcohol in their products. Nyrrvana has added therapeutic fragrances, reduced the chemical ingredients, and used only the required amount of chemicals needed for germ protection. Their sanitisers come in 11 different fragrances -vanilla, chocolate, hibiscus and watermelon. You can select the chosen fragrance while ordering the products — sanitisers or handwashes — on their website.Nyrrvana products are extremely well researched, made with plant-based extracts, essential oils that give therapeutic fragrances and are made keeping in mind every hygiene product rule described by WHO to give their customers the best products at the lowest price in the sector keeping sustainability in mind.

Nyrrvana is all set to launch various products helping people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. To name a few that are on cards are germ-protection body washes, immunity boosters, shampoos and conditioners.

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