Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Amidst Covid-19 Second Wave, Altimetrik Rolls Out Healthcare Initiatives Worth INR 3 Crore 87 Lakh For India Employees

* US-based digital enablement firm to provide free health-kits, vaccinations etc. to 2700+ employees

* 2500+ staff attend ISHA Foundation’s 3 day yoga webinars inaugurated by Sadhguru’s talk; program focused on boosting immunity, mental health and combating stress

* Launches Covid-care app Made-by-India employees to monitor staff health across globe

Altimetrik, a US-based, digital business enablement firm has announced a second series of healthcare measures totaling INR 3 Crore 87 Lakh to help 2700+ India employees combat Covid-19 second wave.

Based on the prevalent situation, Altimetrik is extending its Covid-19 response strategy to cover a range of direct and holistic healthcare measures under four categories/pillars:


· 3000 health kits comprising Oximeter, Steam Inhaler and a Digital Thermometer delivered at employee doorsteps to monitor health of each staff and family members

· Voluntary free vaccination for 9000 people including employees and their family members at the nearest Apollo or Manipal hospital chain in India

· Free RT-PCR testing made available for 2700+ employees at the homes or nearest hospital or laboratories enabled through a wellness provider with a network of 170+ hospitals across India  

· 24x7 Doctor on call through our health partner that will be monitored by eight doctors and will provide medical and psychological consultation from 9 am to 8 pm.


·  Covid Care Application developed by a team of 13 Indian engineers to monitor vital health parameters of 2700+ employees in India regularly. The app will be soon available on both Android and iOS devices.


· Spiritual talk by renowned Indian mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The talk was a prelude to three-day yoga webinars curated by ISHA Foundation to boost immunity, mental, physical and spiritual wellness of employees. Over 2500+ employees participated in these webinars


· All employees are covered under the Corona Kavach Insurance policy.

· Salary advance to employees in need.

Commenting on the policies, Raj Sundaresan, CEO of Altimetrik Corporation said, “We are inspired by Sadhguru’s words that incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making it happen. We’re cognizant that our India employees are battling the Covid-19 second wave. Hence, we are focused on providing extensive and holistic support that addresses financial, healthcare, technology and wellness aspects of employee well-being.   

“Along with direct health and technology interventions, we are also working on boosting the body’s self-defense mechanism through yogic techniques designed under the guidance of famous mystic Sadhguru. Together, with other interventions we are confident that we will not only endure but emerge stronger from this crisis than ever before.”

Says Krishna Muniramaiah, Altimetrik Head of HR for APAC region, “Altimetrik has consistently ranked in the top 100 Great Place to Work for companies in India consecutively for six years. In line with our employee first efforts, we have infused INR 3 Crore 87 Lakh to combat the second wave in addition to INR 7 crore 44 lakh as company contribution towards workforce welfare that was spent in India for FY 20-21. This takes our cumulative investment on Covid-19 staff welfare measures to INR 11 Crore 31 Lakhs since Aug 2020 till date. With these measures we are optimistic about combating the crisis successfully together.”

About Altimetrik: Altimetrik is a digital business enablement company. We deliver bite-size outcomes as organizations scale digitalization to accelerate revenue growth without disrupting ongoing business operations. With an end-to-end perspective, our practitioners and agile engineering teams create solutions that drive transformation and achieve business goals. In addition, our digital point solutions and products provide clients with the tools to fuel business growth and profitability. With offices across the globe and over 3,000 energized practitioners, Altimetrik partners with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies alike to enhance their agility, empowerment, and success.

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