Tuesday, March 2, 2021

ISM Adds GrowthWheel To Its Portfolio Of Offerings

* International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM) is delighted to offer GrowthWheel to businesses in Michigan and across the US.  

A visual toolbox and cloud-based platform used by incubator managers, business advisors, and entrepreneurship educators throughout the world, GrowthWheel Online is a business advisory system that guides the work of advisors, mentors and coaches every step of the way, from intake to reporting. Using this platform, advisors can help small to medium businesses, incubators, accelerators, managers, large corporation HR heads, workforce and economic development agencies, and government agencies to build their businesses through an easy action-oriented process that flows in the same way that most entrepreneurs think and work.

“As the economy shifts to building capacity and investing more in the workforce and professional development, we are pleased to offer remarkable tools in virtual settings in support the work of entrepreneurs to scale-up their operation, and for communities to have capacity building for their workforce and talent,” says ISM CEO, Faris Alami.  “This system will be used by entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to create strategies and action steps to implement those strategies.”

The program is set up as a three-month engagement. Participants focus on four areas which include: business concepts, lasting customer relations, strong organization, and profitable operations.

GrowthWheel Founder and CEO David Madié said: “ISM’s plan to implement this program using advisors, coaches, mentors, incubator accelerators and government agencies, will make a big impact within the communities that they serve.  Not only will ISM have the opportunity to serve entrepreneurs, but ISM is also seeking the addition of advisors to join their community.” 

About International Strategic Management

International Strategic Management (www.myisminc.com) is a leading U.S. advisory and capacity development provider covering strategic economic growth, education, training & youth development, strategic partnership development, SMEs & entrepreneurship, and workforce development.  We bring proven expertise and world class services to government sector, organizations, and entrepreneurs.  We work in over 60 countries, have touched 8600+ entrepreneurs and created a long-lasting impact on over 9600 SMEs around the globe. Our expert team has designed and delivered thousands of training programs around the world. 

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