Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Today Microsoft Launches Into The Space Industry With Its Azure Space

Just minutes ago, Microsoft announced it is taking the next giant leap in cloud computing – Space. Azure Space - a new set of offerings, a partner ecosystem, and a global strategy focused on innovation offering an integrated cloud and satellite experience to connect almost any device anywhere.  Details include: 

Partnerships with leading satellite communications providers SpaceX and SES to bring secure connectivity across each orbital, creating an integrated cloud and satellite connectivity experience anywhere in the world.  

New Azure product innovations, such as Azure Modular Datacenter, Azure Orbital Emulator, and the recently announced Azure Orbital, to support high-intensity secure cloud computing. 

An introduction to Microsoft’s space leadership team, including industry leaders such as William Chappell, formerly of DARPA; Chirag Parikh, formerly the White House Director of Space Policy on the National Security Council; and Stephen Kitay, who most recently served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy. 

The space community is growing rapidly, and innovation is lowering the barriers of access for an industry that used to be solely the bastion of governments. As space missions and satellite capabilities become more accessible, Microsoft aims to democratize space by developing reliable technologies with the power of Azure to help the space community launch faster and with mission assurance. Today’s announcement is the result of Microsoft’s continued learning in helping organizations succeed in the most challenging environments.  

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