Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Milaap Introduces Free Fundraising Platform During the Pandemic

Milaap is introducing a 0% platform fee for the upcoming festive season. During this time, Milaap’s free platform will make it easy for more people to get the direct help they deserve, as quickly as possible.

"In the past few months, as the crisis of the COVID pandemic unfolded, we have witnessed an unprecedented wave of generosity from people. Thousands raised funds on Milaap to help lakhs of people in distress. We made Milaap free for all relief related fundraisers as a token of gratitude. Therefore, it made perfect sense for extending this 0% fee to all fundraisers, in the upcoming festive season," said Mayukh Choudhury, Co-Founder and CEO of Milaap. 

Choudhury added, “10 years into our journey, we are taking the belief in our community to the next level. With this 0% platform fee, we will rely on voluntary tips from our donors to help with the costs associated with providing our best-in-class customer service, trust & safety protections, and social fundraising technology."

Milaap puts highest priority in users’ success and security in order to make online fundraising easier, faster, and more trusted. Milaap will do what works best for its donor community of more than 30 Lakh while continuing to provide the best experience, support and product for the fundraisers. 

This 0% Milaap platform fundraising fee will be applicable to all fundraisers, which had a 5% platform fee for fundraising: personal causes and charitable organizations alike. 

So far, over 3.1 Lakh generous donors have contributed over 60 Crore towards causes from Bangalore.

Dr Vasundhara Kailasnath, MD, FAAP, ABP (USA) Consultant- Pediatric Hematology, Oncology & BMT, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Narayana Health City, Bangalore said, “Milaap is a Life Saver! Many of my patients who would have been denied treatment for a curable cancer due to financial constraints have gotten a second chance in life due to Milaap. “

Syed Gulab, a Dubai returnee who serves free meals outside government hospitals in Bangalore said, “ I have been raising funds on Milaap for 3-4 years now. We are feeding over 300 people a day where we used to feed 150. Even during the Covid crisis, we were able to distribute ration kits to over 10,000 migrant families and even opened a free clinic for patients who found most OPD’s shut. We are getting unimaginable support from people across the world. I Never thought we would reach this far and get so much recognition because of the trust Milaap has built.”

Meanwhile Lokesh, whose 4-year-old daughter recently underwent a liver transplant due to a 2.7 kg tumor expressed, “ For lower middle class people like us, every penny of our income finds utility in our necessities and insurance doesn’t feel viable. Amidst that, a sudden requirement for such a huge sum to save our child feels like a death blow.  In such situations you feel alone and stranded. I had only 3 days and no hope. I was hearing about crowdfunding for the first time, so I just closed my eyes and dived right in. In that moment, I felt like God came and helped me. We can never put a price on support. Every Rupee's value is a lot more when it comes as help. Else where will we go in such a situation? Milaap is a big boon for all such parents. A whole family gets a new lease on life. It cannot be expressed in words. I will be telling as many people as I can, because this has the potential to save so many lives. It is indeed priceless.“

About Milaap:

Established in 2010, Milaap is South Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform, and has helped Indians raise over Rs. 1,000 Cr for 2.5 lakh causes so far. Milaap makes it easy for people to raise money online for personal causes and emergencies, especially for tertiary healthcare like cancer care, organ transplant and accidents. The platform is also extensively used for fundraising for relief work in calamities like Chennai floods, Kerala floods, and recently the COVID pandemic. Milaap’s community of over 30 Lakh donors come from 130 countries across the world. Over the last 10 years Milaap is changing the way India gives, and takes pride in being the industry's leader in trust, support, and innovation in fundraising.

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