Thursday, October 10, 2019

METZ TV Launched in India - OLED Premier - Priced at Rs. 99,999

Premium German television brand METZ launched its first OLED TV in India. The brand is all set to give its Indian customers an excellent viewing experience with this new range.

The latest Metz M55S9A OLED TV comes in screen size of 55 inches with introductory price of  Rs. 99,999, only. Its 3.6 mm ultra-thin body and ingenious design allows the frame to disappear in sight, giving the viewer a much wider, interference-free view. Additionally, with its high-performance configuration with good picture and sound quality, the TV can easily run 4K games, besides supporting multiplayer mode.

With so many outstanding features the TV has also DTS-X Pro sound digital audio which offers a vibrantly distinct and flawless quality to the ears.

Furthermore, there are other features that make the brand stand out, viz., the M55S9A has Cutting-Edge Self-Luminous Display Technology, True HDR Technology and HDMI ARC. Run on Android 8.0 operating system, this stunning invention by METZ has Pre loaded Netflix & Youtube and has voice search smart function.

Mr. Criver Liu, Vice - MD, METZ India said, “After the great success of our LED TVs in India, METZ has come up with yet something new in the market. Our newly launched OLED TV is not just a quality brand, but is also available at a reasonable price. Metz M55S9A has millions of pixels with precise point-to-point control, and gives the viewer an amazing viewing experience. It minimizes the harm of blue-light hazard, which is the best choice to protect eyes.”

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