Thursday, September 5, 2019

Xtep Introduces Scientifically Designed Affordable New Range of Sports Shoes for the Indian Market

Hong Kong headquartered global sportswear brand Xtep International Holdings Limited has for the first time unveiled its sports-technology lab through virtual live streaming from Bengaluru.

The Sports Science and design innovation lab derives insights from deep research of active users of Xtep sports shoes everyday. The R&D guides the design ergonomics of Xtep’s mass affordable and functional sports fashion range for consumers with different foot shape, walking/running styles, body types and weight. The collection includes variety of running shoes and sportswear available across five stores in Bengaluru.

Commenting on the sports technology lab, Dr. Jason Tak-Man Cheung, Chief Scientist and Senior Director of Xtep Innovation lab said, “Xtep has established an international design team led by highly experienced designers from Europe and U.S. who formerly worked for global sports brands. The Group has also cooperated with the Dow Chemical Company to develop SoftpadTM, a world-leading new technology shoe insole exclusively used by Xtep, and is working with leading international fiber material developers, such as the Dow Chemical Company, Toray and 3M, to apply leading materials in its footwear and apparel,” Jason says.

Xtep R&D has made functional footwear innovation affordable for every Indian thus lending an impetus to the Fit India movement launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29th August 2019.

Xtep Sports range pioneers the Athletech revolution – athleticism fueled by technology – where technology can be used to make scientifically designed sports shoes affordable and accessible to all to fire up the dormant athlete in every human.

In line with this, Xtep Group aims to drive a cultural shift in fitness by making the Xtep ‘Sports-Life’ philosophy a reality in India. Sports in Life makes Life a (breezy) Sport hinges on the premise that Sports is not merely a lifestyle choice but integral to life itself.

The company plans to touch ten stores in India by Dec 2019, within nine months of opening of its first store in Bengaluru in November 2018. For Xtep group the move underpins India as one of the fastest developing strategic global market amongst BRICS nations.

India’s high population density and increasing purchasing power parity presents Xtep an opportunity to expand its market base. Xtep Group recently acquired E-Land Footwear, which owns brands such as K-Swiss, Palladium, Supra, PLDM and KR3W to broaden its product portfolio for emerging markets such as India.

About Xtep International: Listed on June 3, 2008 on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, XTEP is a leading PRC-based professional sports brand providing stylish and functional products. It is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and brand management of sportswear products, including footwear, apparel and accessories. Xtep is a constituent of Hang Seng Global Composite Index and Hang Seng Composite Index Series. For more information, visit Xtep’s corporate website:

Xtep Unveils Limited Edition Moon Landing Shoes

On this occasion, Xtep also announced the launch of the spacesuit inspired "Moon Landing" shoes for the India market from December 2019. Priced at Rs 7,000, the Limited Edition cross over shoes marks the launch with the Chandrayaan 2 landing on the dark side of the moon on September 7, 2019.

Chandrayaan 2 is an Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) mission comprising an orbiter and a soft lander carrying a rover due to the landing on the Moon on September 7, 2019. The primary objective of Chandrayaan 2 is to demonstrate the ability to soft-land on the lunar surface and operate a robotic rover on the surface. 

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