Thursday, September 26, 2019

Amrita University Conducts Seminar on Embracing Education 4.0 & Motivation at DPS(East) Bengaluru

The Indian industry is facing a shortage of skilled engineers. To address this issue, various aspects of essential skills required for future engineers and scientists were discussed at a recent seminar on Embracing Education 4.0 and Motivation by Amrita University at Delhi Public School (East), Bengaluru.

Prof. Anand Shenoi, Site Director, ICPC Global, Amrita University spoke on the most essential skills required for future engineers and scientists. The emphasis was on how the world is moving towards digital technology.

Detailed and elaborate sessions were conducted on the applications of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, Big Data, Internet of Things, etc. to the students to make them understand and think about the real time applications of these technologies.

Along with being well versed on the technical know how’s, in today’s scenario it is important for students to be competent enough to face the challenges and risks in life. To address the various challenges which students will face, Prof. Krishnankutty, Chairman, Career Competency Development, of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham conducted various brain exercises to improve awareness, confidence, and critical thinking. Students were asked to come on to the stage and demonstrate certain exercises to overcome their fear and shyness.

“Students in this generation shall be aware of the technology, meanwhile they shall also be able to use apply technology with awareness and discrimination so that the society is getting benefit out of it”, said Prof. Krishnankutty.

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