Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Design Conclave 2016 Aspiring Designers in Bengaluru on April 23

Aiming at inspiring creative minds, ‘Design Conclave 2016’ is here to create a breakthrough in the Indian Education System by playing an important catalyst in the field of design. To be held on April 23 in Bengaluru, the Design Conclave aims at comforting aspiring designers with vast opportunities that design has to offer and how students can make the best out of a career in Design.

The premier design conclave to witness design stalwarts, students, creative evangelists, design and engineering professionals and educators from the field of architecture, engineering and construction and media. The conclave aims at disseminating actionable knowledge that people can use and apply immediately in their creations for conceiving new products and improving the existing ones. This conclave is all about experiencing how design can create a competitive advantage for aspiring designers and help them to discover new opportunities for further growth.

To be held at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru, this conclave is one such unique initiative that brings together industry experts to share their views and experiences related to design. This year, the conclave will provide an opportunity to come face to face with illustrious speakers from design industry, such as Biren Ghoshe, leader in animation and visual effects and country head of Technicolor, India, Manoviraj Khosla, leading fashion designer of international repute, Sanju Mathew, Manager Digital Sculpting at General Motors, India, and Ninad Panse, CEO of DSK International Campus in Pune.

Through panel discussions, these industry experts will share their experiences about the trends, technology developments, case studies, design processes and the role of design and other forms of media in building and sustaining a brand’s value. “Design has played a crucial role in bringing a change in the industry. The future is completely based on innovation as India is becoming a trendsetter with respect to the contribution made in the field of industrial designing that has been well accepted globally. The get inspired sessions at the conclave will definitely leverage one’s experience and expertise to create unique learning opportunities,” said Ninad Panse, CEO of DSK International Campus. 

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