Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Herbalife India Forays Into Skincare Segment With Vritilife Outer Nutrition Range


*    Launches Ayurveda-Inspired luxury skin care range and positions the company for continued growth

*   Vritilife now also offers Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner, Facial Serum, and Moisturizer.

*    Made in India and dermatologically tested*.

*    Developed at Herbalife’s Centre of Excellence in Bangalore

*    Herbalife India's Q1 2024 net sales reached $203.5 million, showcasing strong growth.

Herbalife India, a premier health and wellness company and community, announces the launch of Vritilife Outer Nutrition Range, unveiling its entry into the Indian luxury skincare market. The newly launched skin care range includes a Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner, Facial Serum, and Moisturizer.

Developed at Herbalife’s dedicated Centre of Excellence in Bangalore, the Vritilife Outer Nutrition Range has undergone rigorous clinical research. This ensures safety, efficacy, and traceability from raw material to finished product. The range combines authentic botanicals and Ayurvedic-based formulations with natural oils containing higher actives, catering to the demands of modern lifestyles. With this launch, Vritilife becomes an important part of Herbalife’s product portfolio.

Herbalife India has shown consistent growth since 2009. Initially focused on weight management, the company has diversified its product portfolio with 48 products including fitness & performance, daily nutrition, and overall health. In Q1 2024, ending on March 31, Herbalife’s net sales in India reached $203.5 million, a 13.9% increase compared to the same period in 2023. Herbalife India is the number one market globally among the 95 countries in which the company operates.

Ajay Khanna, Managing Director, Herbalife India, said, “As Herbalife stands at the cusp of its next phase of growth in India, we are excited to launch the Vritilife Outer Nutrition Range. This strategic expansion not only diversifies our product portfolio but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality skincare solutions. As a responsible health and wellness company, we are confident that our skin care range effectively addresses the outer nutrition needs of the Indian population. These products embody our philosophy of integrating ancient Indian beauty practices with advanced, science-backed formulations.”

The Indian beauty industry is evolving at a rapid rate, with Ayurveda experiencing a significant growth. A recent study by Verified Market Research (VMR) indicates that the Ayurveda beauty market is flourishing, currently valued at $8-9 billion. Additionally, Ayurveda’s share of the current $646 billion global beauty and personal care market will reach $21.1 billion by 2028. Recognizing this shift in consumer preference towards natural solutions, Vritilife Outer Nutrition Range capitalizes on the growing demand by offering a luxurious and effective range that leverages the power of ancient herbs for contemporary skincare needs.

Ajay Khanna further added, “At Herbalife, we support local communities, respect local sentiments and our culture in all our initiatives. The Vritilife Outer Nutrition range is proudly Made in India and scientifically formulated and clinically evaluated for various skin types*. We understand and celebrate the diverse beauty traditions of this nation, and our products reflect that respect.”

*Skin types: normal, oily, dry and combination.

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