Friday, July 5, 2024

UPI Goes Live At Galeries Lafayette’s Flagship Store In Paris

NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL), in partnership with Lyra, a French leader in securing e-commerce and proximity payments, is delighted to enable the acceptance of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) at Galeries Lafayette’s flagship store in Haussmann, Paris. Known for its rich culture, stunning architecture, and world-class shopping, Paris is a favourite destination among Indian tourists. This new integration allows them to make secure and convenient UPI transactions at this historic luxury department store, enhancing their overall Parisian experience.

Following the successful implementation of UPI for online ticket booking at the Eiffel Tower, Galeries Lafayette becomes the second major French merchant to enable UPI under the NIPL-Lyra partnership. The official announcement was made in Paris in the presence of His Excellency Jawed Ashraf, Ambassador of India to France and Monaco, along with distinguished guests including Nicolas Houzé, CEO of Galeries Lafayette, and Alain Lacour, Chairman of Lyra Group.

This partnership will benefit multitude of Indian tourists visiting Paris every year, allowing them to use UPI, their favored payment method, at the prestigious Galeries Lafayette flagship store. The integration of UPI ensures effortless shopping and seamless transactions through UPI-powered apps, enhancing the memorability of their visit to Paris. By simply scanning QR code at the store, Indian tourists can complete their payments with transparency in exchange rates.

Recalling the success of UPI launch at the Eiffel Tower in January 2024 and the meeting hosted for potential merchants with NPCI International in February 2024, Ambassador Jawed Ashraf welcomed the quick conclusion of the agreement and engagement of UPI at the world-famous Galleries Lafayette, specially ahead of the Paris Olympics. Starting July 26, 2024, Paris Olympics is expected to draw large number of Indian visitors. Ambassador hopes this will pave the way for wide acceptance of UPI in France and support its internationalization as a means of digital payments. He thanked NPCI International and Lyra for their cooperation.

Ritesh Shukla, CEO of NPCI International said, “Our collaboration with Galeries Lafayette in Paris not only enables UPI payments at a prestigious venue but also boosts UPI adoption as a convenient and secure cross-border payment method for Indian tourists. We are confident that UPI will continue to gain traction as a reliable and efficient payment option, further strengthening its presence in international markets.”

Christophe Mariette, Chairman of Lyra India said, “Lyra is happy to have enable for the first time in Europe the in-store acceptance of UPI in the iconic Department stores Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris. Thanks to the collaboration with NPCI International, Galeries Lafayette and the cash register editor Lundi Matin it has been done in a very short time. One more reason for Indian tourists to come to Paris for the Olympic Games.”

Nicolas Houzé, CEO of Galeries Lafayette said, "We are delighted to be the first department store in Europe to offer the UPI payment solution at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. By introducing UPI, we facilitate seamless and secure transactions for our Indian guests and strengthen cultural and economic ties between France and India. As the number of visitors from India is growing, we are proud to offer this innovative payment option, ensuring a convenient and memorable shopping experience. With the opening of our first Indian store in Mumbai in 2025, followed by New Delhi, this initiative becomes even more significant, symbolizing our commitment to reinforcing the ties between our two countries."

The integration of UPI at prominent French retail and tourist destinations is set to boost its popularity among European merchants. This initiative aims to broaden UPI’s market presence in France and Europe, driving further growth and adoption as a secure payment solution.

About NPCI International:

NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) was incorporated on April 3, 2020, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). As NPCI’s international arm, NIPL is devoted to deploying NPCI’s indigenous, successful real-time payment system—Unified Payments Interface (UPI)—and card scheme (RuPay) outside of India. NPCI has successfully developed and proved its products and technological capabilities in the domestic market by transforming the payment segment in India. Currently, there are several countries that seek to establish a real-time payment system or a domestic card scheme. NIPL, with its knowledge and experience, can offer these countries technological assistance through licensing and consulting for building real-time payment systems to meet the rapidly evolving needs of fast-growing global businesses. NIPL focuses on transforming payments across the globe through technology and innovation. It will not only enable payments for Indians but also support other countries by enhancing their payment capabilities using technological assistance, consulting, and infrastructure.

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