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Raminfo Limited Registers 109.38 Percent YOY Rise In Net Profit

Raminfo, one of India’s leading technology solutions provider, has declared its financial results for the last quarter and fiscal year ended on 31st March 2024. Raminfo Limited is a listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Financial highlights:

During Q4, Raminfo registered Net Profit After Tax (PAT) to the tune of 42.38 lakhs compared to 2.47 crores during Q3

During the Q4, Profit Before Tax (PBT) stood at Rs.91.97 lakhs whereas it stood at 3.33 crores during Q3

Earning Per Share (EPS) during Q4 stood at Rs. 0.69, while it was Rs.3.68 during Q3

Compared to 2023, Raminfo clocked 1.10 crores more in revenue from operations during 2024

Profit Before Tax (PBT) in 2024 stood at 10.42 crores whereas in 2023 it was 8.76 crores

Revenue during Q4 stood at 24.93 crores whereas it was 20.83 crores in Q3

Despite issuance of preferential shares, Earning Per Share (EPS) stood at Rs.9.49 per  share in 2024, compared to Rs.8.69 in 2023

Raminfo’s net revenue stands at 82.09 crores

In the last four years, Raminfo has gone on from being an E-governance solutions provider to a systems integrator to improve the margins from 3.18 % PBT during 2021 to 12.70% PBT in 2024

Commenting on the results, Mr. L Srinath Reddy, MD, Raminfo Limited said, “We continue to see business consolidating and growing, despite a prolonged election season leading to slow-down on administrative decisions of governments. We continue to innovate and consolidate our position as an end to end e-governance project implementer. The quiet period has also presented us with an opportunity to chart out a plan for major expansion. As we move forward, Raminfo is on the cusp of embracing cutting edge breakthroughs in Gen AI arena. We are also looking forward to potentials collaborations with Gen AI start ups.”

Key Projects in 2023-2024

Mobile Veterinary Unit – Rajasthan

Raminfo Limited, in consortium with M/s Gunesh (India) Pvt Ltd, has introduced Mobile Veterinary Vehicles to facilitate the “Mobile Veterinary Services” program in the State of Rajasthan. This initiative involves deploying a fleet of 258 four-wheelers equipped with necessary staff, medicines, consumables, and equipment for the operation and maintenance of veterinary services across the state. These mobile veterinary vehicles aim to enhance animal healthcare accessibility, especially in remote and rural areas of Rajasthan. The program aligns with the Department of Animal Husbandry’s efforts to improve veterinary services and promote animal welfare

Jharkand Skill Development Mission

Raminfo Ltd is established Mega Skill Center in the district  of Dhanbad with the help of consortium partner M/s Shri Technology India Pvt Ltd, to implement skill development training programs for the Jharkhand Skill Development Mission. This significant partnership marks a pivotal step forward in empowering the youth of Jharkhand with essential skills for sustainable employment and self-entrepreneurship for 2000 candidates in every year

West Bengal Employment Bank:

Raminfo Limited has successfully designed, developed, and maintained a comprehensive Employment Bank and Yuvasree Job Management Portal. This initiative aims to enhance employment opportunities for job-seekers in the state of West Bengal, for West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (WEBEL). The Employment Bank serves as a State-owned job portal, providing a unique e-governance platform to widen the window of job opportunities for job seekers in West Bengal.

Odisha Street light

Raminfo Limited is Successfully Completed the Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of LED Street Lighting System on existing LT electric poles with necessary fixtures, accessories and photo switch with timer and Energy Meter each cluster being of 10 (ten) Street Lights along with normal guarantee period and Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for a period of 5 Years on turn-key basis in one Village of each Gram Panchayat (GP) for 310 Clusters under the Kalahandi and 240 Cluster under the Koraput District, Odisha state.

Mobile Common Services Centers

Raminfo Limited has implemented the Mobile Common Service Centre (CSC) program as part of the Digital India initiative. Through this program, they provide e-Governance services using 58 mobile vehicles to reach people residing in hills and remote areas, ensuring access to essential services.

Raminfo in continuation of Citizen Centric Services for Andhra Pradesh State

Raminfo Limited is continuing the Operations and Maintain of Urban MeeSeva Centers (1,600+ centres including franchises covering 400+ G2C and B2C services) in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Through these MeeSeva centers citizens of Andhra Pradesh are getting all the services of government that are made available electronically.

About Raminfo Limited

Raminfo Limited, (BSE: 530951) is a legacy player with 30 years of experience in e-governance and other tech solutions. They’re a company listed on BSE. Raminfo serves a diverse array of sectors across India, including government, fintech, healthcare, smart energy, IoT, analytics, and engineering.  In the government arena, Raminfo shines with its e-governance, smart lighting, telemedicine, and agro-logistics initiatives, alongside skill development and education programs. Embracing its 2.0 evolution, Raminfo harnesses the power of AI and Machine Learning to venture into new frontiers, crafting comprehensive, multi-vertical ecosystems.

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