Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd (IPRS) In Collaboration With Swarathma

IPRS (The Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd.), the forefront organization in safeguarding music creators’ rights has recently teamed up with Swarathma, the acclaimed Indian folk-fusion band from Bangalore, for a multicity tour that is not just about delivering unforgettable music but also about championing sustainability. With a commitment to powering their performances with a portable clean energy system instead of traditional diesel generators, Swarathma is setting a new standard for environmentally conscious concerts. Meet the band along with the IPRS team this Saturday, 1st June at the Phoenix Marketcity Whitefield.

This tour is more than just a series of performances. In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Indian Performing Right Society Ltd. (IPRS) is partnering with Swarathma to promote sustainable practices within the music industry. This initiative aligns perfectly with IPRS’s ‘My Music My Rights’ campaign, aimed at empowering music creators in the digital world. Together, IPRS and Swarathma are poised to make a significant impact in key music markets and deeply engage with the creator community.

For creators, this tour offers a unique opportunity. IPRS will be hosting knowledge workshops in each city before the concerts, offering invaluable insights into music rights, royalties, and sustainable career development. These interactive sessions will provide a platform for creators to engage with the IPRS and Swarathma team, resolve their queries, and gain essential knowledge for building a successful career in music. The presence of Swarathma, an established band and IPRS member, will undoubtedly add great value, making these workshops a must-attend event.

Join this inspiring journey where education meets entertainment. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts, and be part of the initiative that’s reshaping the future of music. For more details on tour dates and workshop registrations, visit . Let’s create, learn, and sustain together!

When: 1st June 2024

Time: Workshop: 5:30pm | Performance: 7pm

Where: Bengaluru: Phoenix Marketcity Whitefield

About IPRS:

IPRS is the Music Copyright Society in India registered under the Copyright Act, 1957 representing the authors, composers, and publishers of music. It counts nearly 15,000 of India’s best-known authors, composers, and music publishers as its members. IPRS is authorized under the Copyright Act, 1957 to carry on the business of issuing and granting of licenses in respect of musical works and literary works associated with musical works assigned to it by its members. These revenues are collected and distributed to its members including the authors’ statutory royalties after deducting its administrative expenses for the exploitation of the works either by way of live performances and/or sound recordings through any medium except when shown as a part of a cinematograph film shown in a cinema hall.

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