Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Strategic Alliance: SecurEyes Partners With Cyber Security Global To Expand Footprints In Latin America And Europe

SecurEyes, a leading cybersecurity firm with a proven track record since 2006, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Cyber Security Global, a prominent cybersecurity firm in Europe and Latin America. The collaboration is geared towards fortifying leadership and guaranteeing comprehensive digital security solutions.

The expansion into Latin America and Europe signifies a significant milestone for the alliance between SecurEyes and Cyber Security Global highlighting both companies' enduring dedication to innovation, excellence, and cybersecurity. Together, they will collaborate to offer advanced and customized solutions, assisting organizations in confronting security challenges in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Speaking about the partnership, Seemanta Patnaik, Co-Founder and CTO of SecurEyes said, "SecurEyes is delighted to unveil a transformative alliance with Cybersecurity Global, extending our foremost cybersecurity consulting, advisory, and products to the vibrant landscape of Latin America. This strategic partnership opens a gateway for us to serve and empower clients across the region."

Consequently, the alliance will provide comprehensive security solutions through meticulously designed tools and systems to support organisations' cybersecurity strategies in various sectors. Whether in the private or public sector, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, banks, mining, retail, or other industries, Latin American and European companies can place their trust in a safer and more protected future in the digital world with Cyber Security Global and SecurEyes.

Jorge Seminario, Founder of Cyber Security Global, expressed his vision for the partnership. “Taking into account that the world lacks nearly 4 million cybersecurity experts (a significant figure), the knowledge, constant innovation, expertise in advising regulatory entities, public and private entities around the world, added to the training and academic education provided by SecurEyes, will allow us to offer a very important and highly topical added value to the regions of Latin America and Europe. With this association between Cybersecurity Global and SecurEyes, we will be able to update and elevate the professional standards in the region, meeting the demands of global digitalization”.

The approach at SecurEyes involves customizing products to meet each client's unique requirements to establish a resilient defence against digital threats, guaranteeing that a profound understanding of the present cybersecurity landscape underpins strategic decisions. SecurEyes acknowledges the significance of a robust governance structure in ensuring the enduring effectiveness of implemented cybersecurity measures.

For more information about SecurEyes,  visit our website at https://secureyes.net/

About SecurEyes:

Established in Bangalore, India, SecurEyes has distinguished itself through a proactive approach and unwavering commitment to delivering excellent global cybersecurity services. With a distinctive blend of strategic expertise, a diverse array of products and services, and agile delivery methods, SecurEyes asserts its position as an industry leader, earning acclaim for its remarkable footprint in Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Presently, the company is entering a new phase of expansion.

About Cyber Security Global:

Leveraging 14 years of expertise in the digital domain, Cyber Security Global rooted itself in Europe and effectively expanded its influence into Latin America. Through collaborations with the largest enterprises in Peru across diverse sectors, the company has strengthened its position as a leader in electronic security, consultancy, technology, cybersecurity solutions, training, and specialized products sourced from the United States. The overarching mission is to empower organizations to confront and surmount digital security challenges, fostering a secure environment conducive to continuous growth and innovation.

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