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Pramerica Life Insurance Launches New Brand Campaign, "This Is My Climb" Celebrating Purpose And Resilience At Every Life Stage"

* This is My Climb is an expression by Pramerica Life Insurance to celebrate the diverse journeys of resilience and purpose that define everyday life of it’s customers, partners and employees.

* The brand campaign launched on social and digital media aims to connect with it’s customers, partners, and employees at an emotional level, showcasing the brand standing by them in their unique climb towards their goals and aspirations.

Pramerica Life Insurance, one of the fastest growing life insurers in India, today announced the launch of its inspiring brand campaign, "This is My Climb." This powerful campaign, featuring two short films, aims to celebrate the diverse stories of purpose, aspirations, and resilience that define our individual journeys. The campaign while going beyond the traditional marketing approach, delves into the emotional core of human experience, resonating with individuals at every life stage.

"Just as every climb presents unique challenges and requires unwavering determination, so does the journey of life," said Pankaj Gupta, MD & CEO of Pramerica Life Insurance. "Through 'This is My Climb' campaign, we celebrate the different facets of purpose, commitment, and responsibility that each individual embodies. We want to be a rock-solid partner in our customers’ lives, the bedrock that they can rely on. Every climb, big or small, deserves a sturdy companion and we are committed to being that for all our stakeholders."

The campaign unfolds through two compelling short films. The first film paints a relatable picture of a father’s journey and aspirations. We see his commitment, how he sets aside his own dreams and desires to nurture his child's ambitions. Every hurdle, big or small, becomes a step towards his child’s future, a climb he ascends with determination and silent sacrifice. He embodies the spirit of every parent who chooses their child's dreams over their own, finding joy in their success and strength in their struggles.

The second film takes viewers on a poignant journey through the eyes of a defence personnel's family, showcasing their unwavering support and pride as he scales the heights of commitment and dedication. This film resonates deeply with Pramerica Life Insurance, the market leader in serving the defence community, its flagship business channel. The campaign is more than just messaging; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the heroes who stand guard and a promise to be with them and their loved ones through various facets of life. The subtle brand integration at the end of each film reinforces Pramerica Life Insurance's commitment to being a partner in every individual's climb.

The campaign has been launched on brand’s social media handles - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and will be amplified across various media platforms for a period of 6-8 weeks. The company plans to engage with its key stakeholders – customers, partners, and employees - through interactive initiatives and social media conversations, building a vibrant community around the campaign's message of purpose and resilience.

“The beauty of 'This is My Climb' lies in its breadth of perspectives”, said Karthik Chakrapani, Chief Business Officer of Pramerica Life Insurance. "From the ethos of a defence personnel and his family for the nation’s sovereignty to the determination of a father for his child’s future, each story resonates in its own unique way. We invite viewers to engage with these inspiring journeys, find common threads in their own climbs, and join us in celebrating the human spirit".

This campaign has been creatively developed by Publicis Worldwide India, under the leadership of Paritosh Srivastava - Chief Executive Officer, Oindrila Roy - Managing Director, Srijan Shukla and Pratheeb Ravi, Heads of Creative known for crafting compelling narratives. Their collective expertise and dedication have been fundamental in capturing the essence of human determination and purpose in these stories.

This is My Climb campaign promises to be a powerful and emotionally charged experience, reminding us that every life is a unique climb and that we all have the strength to reach our own personal summits.

About Pramerica Life Insurance Limited

Pramerica Life Insurance Limited is a joint venture between DIL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited and Prudential International Insurance Holdings, Ltd. (PIIH), a fully owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI). Pramerica Life Insurance Limited represents the coming together of two renowned financial services organizations with a legacy of business excellence spread over decades. Pramerica Life Insurance Limited, started operations in India on September 01, 2008 and has a pan India presence through multiple distribution channels which have been customized to address the specific insurance needs of diverse customer segments. The Company is committed to providing protection and quality financial advice to its customers. Pramerica is the brand name used in India and select countries by PFI. For more details, visit

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